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    St Patrick's Day Events (en Espa?ol Tambi?n)

    HA! your getting better at this hunter nice work..
  2. torana

    Abby Map Improvement

    with big efforts from both towns and if the server can support it why not just have 2 apoc servers 1 for ars 1 for elv... both towns, if organised well could achieve this ,and there should be no complaints if devs start popping up because THEY put the hard yards in and did it.. but then .................. if the teams in sea time zone spend a few nights clearing maps , and the usa time zone guys go take the fruit we have the same problem ( o dam this already happens) hence why my guild has not even helped in a couple of months now. only answer .. keep it the way it is, first in best dressed. might sound harsh from me, but in the entire time Nem 2 has been up we have helped clear these maps loads of times , i have been to help clear the last few npcs in abb map 1 time (with ars n elv combined) and i have never been to an actual abaddon hunt... they have all happened while im at work.
  3. torana

    Request For Ss

    i think u mean Oni , ruutu,i use the method in vamps ss ,or ,yeah bows,, 3 bbh ,1mage (2 if u wanna do all zerk n runners z) and whoever else on bows is the fastest ive found. its the same method we use for TW also.
  4. torana

    Request For Ss

    haha vamp edited my bower) o lol it was his ,,, a good answer was maybe he had just lured the hc :lol:
  5. torana

    Request For Ss

  6. torana

    Best Helbreath Drop You Ever Got

    Hb int . ie neck ,hp 91 hose (lol hades),pa 27 leather Nem 2. mp 91 targe rudy,ma 27 wood scorp,dr 49 horn MG,hp 91 leather i traded for 1 zem! i want a right Bh hp 70+ or kloness axe ) :wacko:
  7. torana

    Big Item Pac

    yippers id like that monkieeesss :D
  8. torana

    Santa[gm] Christmas Wish List

    On behalf of Mrs-Tor Torana-mia-seth and levi our wish is to wish every 1 a safe and merry xms and prosperous new year coz there is nothing in life more important than a humans life. so plz all be safe over the xms holidays and enjoy the time with ur family and friends :D :D :D :D :D so i guess my wish for xms gm is for every 1 to be safe i want ring off abbadon but i wants dont get :D
  9. torana

    Wanna Play My Forum Game?

    ^is wrong <got sent to BI on Ants today ) V should trade for my rogm
  10. torana

    Santa[gm] Christmas Wish List

    Dear santa id really like a kloness axe+3 for Xmas :wub: ps. i tore down my chimney :rolleyes: so ill leave the back door open B) i left u a 6 pack of stellas and a tray of ribs :P
  11. torana

    Dammage Settings

    yup only ancient and sharp get in early cos they add 1 dice face.. if u added ++ upgrades u would severly unbalance server .
  12. torana

    Bai My Fellow Frens

    bai bai smelly z
  13. torana


    10 years after Hb was made u decide to complain?
  14. torana

    Happy Birthday Farjat

    ya happy birthday man!! :D
  15. torana

    Post Ur Pics Where U Playing

    IT LOOKS LIKE A FERRIT.......or a stretched gerbal hahahhhaah id post a pic of my rigs but mrs tor "cleaned" and i havent seen the cable to upload the cam pics since :wacko:
  16. torana

    Very Very Tragic, Sad News

    Cannon has asked to post condolences on behalf of critical guild, due to his poor english. On behalf of Critical guild ,R.I.P Carolina Itati Artal
  17. torana

    Very Very Tragic, Sad News

    Very sad news.. Condolences from myself and rach and our family. These times are hard , and may your faith whatever it be, keep u strong in the weeks to come. Rest in Peace Carolina Itati Artal.
  18. torana

    Beware Rep Scammer

    prove to me that rightious effect dosent work....
  19. just thought id let yas kno that after the last 9 months of listing to roachie getting fat and stuff at 1;47 am this morning rach finally dropped our 4th child. a son naed Levi weighing 7 lb .95 oz, 3440 grams o well best i feed the other kids and go visit ceeyas ) hahhai had the weights around th wrong way dam 8 kg baby would have been hard !! thanks to all )
  20. torana

    Where The Fux Is Hunter?

    i want to got the bahamas!
  21. torana

    Why Server Down?_?

    ok u are stupid!
  22. torana

    Why Server Down?_?

    hhaa vamp bags u log in 1st .. inv pot ftw
  23. torana

    New Sade Times

    finally we get to play a sade on tuesday wd admins if they so sad they have their sade on saturday make it sunday sheese so hard to make all happy IMO big well done .. if u dont like ur sade time or day make a poll and wait 8 months like we did
  24. torana

    Bad Pvp Players

    hahaha how do i get on some idiots pvp list when i DONT pvp ? :lol: :lol: :lol: