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  1. Farewell old friend ..


    You will be missed !


    The nemesis story will end for you, by the true..

    The great "find out of truths" magican.


    I am honored to have known you, and play with the things you have discovered.


    You are truely a hero in the Nemesis story..!


    Farewell, until we see you again. !

  2. Well basicly i like him, but all this that has happen just made the respect to 0.....


    I use to hunt with him, and never expected that he would/could do any form for that stuff..


    He told me yesterday he got acces to farjats stuff, and he probely had hes chances to do something ..


    He has a potentiel thats for sure, but is it big enough, and forgiven enough to be in nemesis?


    Thats the question ?+

  3. If he has more INT than str then yes then he gets DK rapier.


    Even if you have 130 str, you still get DK rapier


    Some exampels here:


    Str 130

    Vit 126

    Dex 200

    Int 131

    Mag 10

    Chr 10


    ^ This will result in DK wand and DK rapier


    Str 131

    Vit 126

    Dex 200

    Int 130

    Mag 10


    ^ This will result in DK Sword


    Str 99

    Vit 157

    Dex 200

    Int 130

    Mag 10

    Chr 10


    ^ This will result in DK chain mail


    Str 100

    Vit 156

    Dex 200

    Int 130

    Mag 10

    Chr 10


    ^ This will result in DK plate mail

  4. King!! why all the anger :blink:


    And it was about the dk flam not wand in the first place.


    I agree it would be unfair to just hand the flam to him, thats not an option. I now think the same that he just *censored*ed up his stats ( A mistake yes but what you gonna do ) and he has to change them like everyone else. But the current system for dk items is somewhat flawed like farjat said. I just hope to fix it without it being "unfair to a lot of people" like you said. Everyone's gameplay would change yes, but in a good way. Even though I have no idea how to do it :rolleyes:


    PS: I'm not expecting special treatment for him. Maybe at start I kinda hoped for it but it was stupid and would be wrong towards everyone else.


    Still, keep bringing up the good ideas and don't get so emotional...



    I had to fk up my stats cause then i could get the flame and wand at the same time ..

    You need more STR. than INT. to get DK sword

    You need more INT. than STR. to get DK wand.


    Not everyone that knows that, but it is that simple.


    If you want DK plate you shall atleast have 100 STR. Else you get DK chain mail.


    It is very simpel, but there is no form for information/guide about this..


    MAybe there should or??

  5. OFFtopic


    Hunter says it isent allowed to use macro AT ALL.. Maybe gm's should talk about what is permittet, and what isent?




    Your banned for being afk in a pit, probelly with a shield on you. To train a skill while you are afk, is not permittet. It has been notice ingame SO MANY times.


    You should be glad it isent more than a week youre banned.


    Create a new account and make a mage, and lvl that up until your char is unbanned :)