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  1. Mirai

    Christmas Event

    I want rudolph pit in elvine map as last year xD
  2. Mirai

    Someone Knows Urgh?

    He is a legit and honorst player .. I've seen him play since start of nemesis 2 .. While i spoke with him today, i've heard who he was from nemesis 1. He can tell him self if he wants. I think we have a bigger problem now, as he said by him self to me ingame .. I don't know what i should believe, but there are a lot of rumors that Tyrone is back. Katioyika or something like that (Ares war with IE neck). Urgh told me that he has seen her clearing D3 all by her self. And hittet a monster with 50+ dmg. Magazo i'm sorry for this change topic, i'd hhope you forgive me.
  3. Mirai

    Assassinate The Players Event

    Hehe i would see that fight and LAUGH xD
  4. Mirai

    Assassinate The Players Event

    Omfg ! You didnt replace my HP pot !!! jajajaj xD Evil menz !
  5. Mirai

    Assassinate The Players Event

    Ohh .. They can't i don know... Turn it off? Or?
  6. Mirai

    Assassinate The Players Event

    I want to see GM fight xD Frost Vs. Hunter ! Could be awesome ! xD
  7. Mirai

    Assassinate The Players Event

    Omgz you hax !! xD Gonna be fun :), But you can't catch mi nub :) Btw. thanks for the exp event yesterday :) Got a nice X stone there :)
  8. Mirai


    Yes ban plx xD
  9. Mirai


    Hes just pro !
  10. Mirai

    Ruutu Says Goodbye

    I would nearly say: HI GargaZol. Oh no thats me ): xD
  11. Mirai

    New Hunt

    Anyways.. Thanks Nuts for taking you time to do this. And thanks to shaggnut, gildmaster and star to ofcause ..
  12. Mirai

    New Hunt

    Hmm isent sade at 1 or 2 pm ?
  13. Mirai

    Elv And Ares Hunts!

    Well in these days. monday to friday i can be on until like 3:30 PM. In weekends, i can hunt a lot.. It was a great hunt 2 days ago. 12 hc down. Nice teamwork, it was awesome
  14. Arh :) Ya you guys allways welcome.. Just contact me, shag og nuts :).
  15. Well I only see you ruutu in for hunt.. Mi dont like Kor
  16. Ya okay .. I only ment for hunts :P But sure you guys can join the hunt anyways ..
  17. Join the Elv crew, we hunting pretty much :) (To frost)
  18. shhhh. Don't talk trash about me in all threads, it's sad fpr those who create the thread
  19. No not with this char i'm on now. Hes to noobish
  20. A manu 134% chain isent that strong. And if a BBH BH is +, then it gives more dmg, and more strip dmg as far as i remember, i'm not quite sure? Well i still can't believe the fight against Scofield. All my stuff repaired. still after like 10 hits it startet to strip. But okay he had a manu bh, so that tells a lot..
  21. Hi The server has changed to a 140 server. ALL players has been deleted and you have to start all over again. There will be an update some day. But you have to make a new account. Best Regards Dan
  22. Mirai

    About Tomorrows Crusade

    Happy halloween dude . Else the haloween event is here, so iz nice (:
  23. Mirai

    Happy Birthday King!

    happy b-day