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    Insecure Account Please Gm Check This

    But why do you have acces to hes forum account then ?? I would like to have a GM to see the IP adress here on forum, if it's the same .. Is this possible? Actually i think this is the same person, and just try to trick us off -_-
  2. Mirai

    Insecure Account Please Gm Check This

    I don't know anything what you just said there .. I just know he got the Ressu wand to Aresden. So aresden has 2 ressu wands now .. But what you try to tell me? Magazo has left (EVEN when he was online yesterday and today) ?. And you have hes password to hes forum account? Lmao something doesent seem right here?
  3. Mirai

    Insecure Account Please Gm Check This

    It's kinda retarded but lets see what everyone has to say to this: Well i just want to show this: It's kinda nice to look what they all write :-)
  4. Mirai

    Insecure Account Please Gm Check This

    Magazo, in somesort of way, i think you even have a keylogger, or your computer is haxed. Else you just making somesort of story for this, to get free itenz. I don't believe the secound, cause you are a great guy. Anyways. Try run some more scans, from spyware, virus, and all those kinds, else i would recommand a Format C:
  5. Mirai

    Assasin, Tp Abuser And Puller

    Shaggnut, i start to think that you are pretty retarded, and i start to believe that Baggy has some sort of reason to get angry at you. Ruutu made this topic to show GM's that hes pissed over this.. A lot of other people are pissed over this to, and i know YOU are to. The best thing is, that they "create" some form of a suggestion to farjat, and make a time recall, from the TP abuse. Please dude, stop your bi*** talk, and be a lil mature, and take the "problem" serious.
  6. Mirai

    Elvine Closed Some Days.

    Well i made an ares, for fight my friends hehe .. But iz banned now, acutally i dont know why s:
  7. Mirai

    Verbale Abuse Over A Pit!??

    Serius has allways been a rude guy .. As far as i remember hes from (were from) STD . STD has allways gived NOTHING to care about others. There has been a fight against Damnation and STD . Some from STD has been very rude, and agressive against other players ingame ..
  8. Mirai

    Removing All Mutes

    Well thats not quite the first thing You said "nigger" in global and got muted by Dream[GM]. You startet to whine about your mute. Well again you did it, and got muted .. Then you say something else to hunter, and he muted you .. Seems fair to me .. Dude i remember you from the time you were gone. Your a complete Moron with no mature in your self. I got respect that you have your own oppinions, but in this sitatuion your oppinions SUCK ! Hunter did NOTHING wrong. A lot of ppl ingame would say the same .. I'm not a lick a** for Hunter, it doesent seem fair for him doing all this, and this is the thanks .. Seriously kiddo.. Go to another server then, this is complete b******* for writing this !
  9. Mirai

    Lights And Music

    NICE !!! :) Ya merry christmas and thanks for the updates ..
  10. Mirai

    Removing All Mutes

    Hmm I like Hunter .. I don't like you lucan .. You still the same retarded fag, you were since you left nemesis .. It's awesome you get muted. Seriously kiddo .. Go cry some where else .. I hope your char will be banned some day, if you keep doing your fag talk ..
  11. Mirai

    What Is This???

    Agreed Skyas Lmao.. You want EVERY single GM kicked huh ?? Just because you can't act mature.. Serious .. Just be silent kid .. You're annoying to listen to ..
  12. Mirai

    What Is This???

    Well this is what happen .. Sexy made some abbadons at town (as far as i know) and kill them. There were lots of drops of money, blood sword, blood axe and XR. Dream GM came yesterday and took the XR back. She TOLD she would sell to shop, but now we can be curious.. Did she sell it, or didnt she? Me and shag talked with each other about DREAM[GM] Taking the XR.. We/I have spoken with dream a lot of times, and it didnt sounded like dream, and shag totaly agrees. Just for notice
  13. Mirai

    Laggy As Hell!!!!!!

    I didnt lag at all either .. But now .. Omfg lagging like hell s:
  14. Mirai

    Helbreath Nemesis 4.40!!!!

    Lorth Start HELGAME.exe.
  15. Mirai

    Game Update

  16. Mirai

    December Events

    Hi H Nice to see you do some december events AWESOME ! I just have a few questions .. The red / green items, will they be hide, or drop from a monster? And when is it? For now, and until the end of december or?
  17. Mirai

    Habby B-day Gaucho !

    The Legandary Guildmaster has birthday .. HAPPY B-DAY !
  18. Mirai

    Hay Guys Its Me!

    It's nice to see you back G .. I'll be glad to have fun with ma fatty boy again
  19. Mirai

    Isnt Working

    Lmao gigs, you so pervers xD
  20. Mirai

    Assassinate The Players Event

    Shadow lmao ! The event was last week .. Read please ..
  21. Mirai

    Isnt Working

    In the Left corner, what version does it saY?
  22. Mirai

    Someone Knows Urgh?

    Black .. They in safe zone in PL -_-
  23. Mirai

    Someone Knows Urgh?

    I don't know what kinda items bloodtears had, but you can't hit 60's, 80's with a flame, with out using critical attack or berserk .. Ofcause if you have a dm5, and demon ring / abbadon ring, it might be possible, but with out those, i really can't believe it. Remember this, it's a 140 server guys, not 180 ..
  24. Mirai

    Someone Knows Urgh?

    I understood quite well .. There is rumors that Katekin is Tyrone on the char .. But i dont know .. Khelben .. I'm not sure you can do that with at normal hit. Remember i talk about normal weapons .. Even a rep+7 flame couldt do it.. I'm lvl 110 on my own with 200 str. I hit +45 dmg normal hit. But thats with a necklace .. He should atleast have orgre ring/demon ring and dm3-5 neck before he can hit 50-55 dmg. with a normal hit. When i say normal hit, i mean NO critical attack, and NO zerk ..
  25. Mirai

    Someone Knows Urgh?

    Cue .. The problem is not that he can't die, and about hes IE neck .. But it's about how he has hittet 50 dmg normal hit with out zerk, and with out using a critical .. I've seen an ares do that once, and Urgh has to .. (as far as he said to me, he got an ss of it). I don't care for your hunts, cause i know some of you are hunting, and ek'ing very good with each other .