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  1. Mirai

    Ancient Tablets

    It's yellow, like when you cast the zerk magic, that colour is it
  2. Mirai

    Mbc Banned For Lamming

    Hi shadow nub =) Well since the start of nemesis 2, i have known that there was something mysterious about those 2 ! =)
  3. Mirai

    Kbs Banned For Lamming

    Garch is funny rihgt ? =) Well Great job Skyas =)
  4. Mirai

    Mbc Banned For Lamming

    HAHAHAHHA I know these ppl were laming .. And finaly they got their punishment ! Very good job skyas !! VERY good job
  5. Mirai

    Sumon Event Today

    No try listen to this MagicJoker has wroten wrong .. It's a 12 PM NEW YORK EST TIME. In other words. IT's in 30 minuttes! Be ready guys =) Remember out side shop !
  6. Mirai

    No Dmg In Sade?

    I were in scorp pit, and there was this guy taking no dmg from anything? Bug or?
  7. Mirai

    No Dmg In Sade?

    IT can't be a traveller when it's shows Elvine Combatant.. :/
  8. Mirai

    Sumon Event Today

    1 pm server time ? It's in 3 hours ? It's 10 AM now ?
  9. Mirai

    No Dmg In Sade?

    Sorry but i have to reopen this thread .. Again in yesterday sade, there was a guy who couldnt get dmg out side shop .. Is there a server(sade) bug, or is it GM chars or? The name was something like Dzkifkeh Well can GM's please check up on this ?
  10. Mirai

    Christmas Is Over...

    as they say in the song .. Christmas is to easter xD
  11. Mirai

    Something Is Wrong With My Droprate...

    For beetle Nobody offered you a cookie, Beetle. Keep your opinions to yourself. Back to topic .. Well i get lots of drops when im at DE .. Just bad drops :/ Btw. it has nothing to do with YOUR drop rate. . All chars, are build on a luck %. You can't really say how much luck you have, and how to increase it. I believe in my own, that rep increase it, A LITTLE. I talk about 0,00001% each rep+ you get .. Im not quite sure, but i think it is that way (My own oppinium)
  12. Mirai

    First Dk15!!

    Darn we did some nice HARDCORE training yesterday to get it :)
  13. Mirai

    About Point Lammers.

    lmao parkinzon your a moron ! Quotet from you "5- Scamming of accounts, passwords, items...not allowed. No GM or admin will EVER ask for your password. DO NOT share your acct info with ANYONE. We will not replace items lost due to you sharing your account." Then nothing shall happen if you steal?? Lmao think logic please . Your banned, and thats it ! It's like the same at the police .. Someone broke in to my house and stole all my stuff.. They find the crims, and will not punish them ? LMAO ! They just say: It didnt stand anywhere i counldnt brake in ?? Lmao moron !
  14. Mirai

    About Point Lammers.

    I can only laugh and just look to have fun *LOL*
  15. Mirai

    Item Lost

    Hey you Try read in this thread: http://helbreathnemesis.com/forum/index.ph...inzon&st=20 .. About you and Parkinzon ..
  16. Mirai

    Angel ??? Upgrade???

    Hi Moss As far as i know, the angel upgrade is still bugged.. They are working on it, and might be fixed soon.
  17. Mirai

    Gold Has No Value!!

    The same problem was in nem 1. Even with Gold wipe, it waesent that good :/. Just put low gold, thats it??? Or is it? Im not sure :/
  18. Mirai

    Ice Golem Pit Removed

    Ice golems has a couple of rare drops, and in my opinion they should be disabled. If elguason saw 1 with dropped ie sword, there might been 3 ie swords drops by a ice golem. I know one from my guild got one to from a ice golem. A couple from elvine got ice prot neck, and ice elementel from there. I've found ie sword with a friend in IG pit.
  19. Mirai

    Happy Birthday Wuta

    happy b-day
  20. Mirai

    Helbreath Nemesis News 01/08

    This is very nice skyas .. Im very imbressed !
  21. Mirai

    Contribution Points

    Well www.hbportal.net tells it all. Go to Hero items, and under unique items.
  22. Mirai

    Contribution Points

    Hi wolfwhispr The contribution points is for upgrading Necklaces like Dm, MS, RM, DF necks. You need to have points to take your Hero parts, when you got enough enemy kill counts.
  23. Mirai

    No Dmg In Sade?

    The problem is, he just stand still and get attacked by the scorpions.. I wantet to make a movie with it, but i don't know how :/. Allright could have used my mobile phone .. I just find this weird ..
  24. Mirai

    Aresden Using Mmm On Our Base In Crusade

    I know LsD did it to.. Got some SS of it, but not quite sure if i should post ..