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    Bliz Dmg. Should Be Lowered

    Well is it just me, or is a mage with bliz the most powerfull ingame? I think it's pretty annoying that a bliz mage can own a lvl 90+ warrior, just with 1 bliz dmg, even if he has full hp. Thats around 340hp. Is it some kind of bug, or does bliz has to be so strong?
  2. Mirai

    Server Manteinance.

    c0m0nz all lez play pok?mon !!!
  3. Mirai

    It Is Time !

    Bye bye
  4. Mirai

    Easter Egg Hunt Event

  5. Mirai

    About My Merien Neck

    ShaGGnuT arent playing much because he play xbox360. Baggyboy left because of shaggnut (as far as i have heard from him) Nuts just left.
  6. Mirai


    Your crazy Do you know how hard a slime is?? Think about it.... HERO !
  7. Mirai

    Afk Training

    Startet in English.. And now spanish.. Omg
  8. Mirai

    Je L'ai D?j? Vu

    Farewell old friend .. You will be missed ! The nemesis story will end for you, by the true.. The great "find out of truths" magican. I am honored to have known you, and play with the things you have discovered. You are truely a hero in the Nemesis story..! Farewell, until we see you again. !
  9. Mirai

    Connection Lost

    Download the new Helgame on forum site, or the HBnemesis main page Go to this site and see it http://helbreathnemesis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17778
  10. Mirai


    Your a moron !
  11. Mirai

    Bug Track

    I dont know if it's a bug, but you dont save mana as a dk +4 wand.. Is that normal or?
  12. Mirai

    Helbreath Nemesis Hacked.

    Well basicly i like him, but all this that has happen just made the respect to 0..... I use to hunt with him, and never expected that he would/could do any form for that stuff.. He told me yesterday he got acces to farjats stuff, and he probely had hes chances to do something .. He has a potentiel thats for sure, but is it big enough, and forgiven enough to be in nemesis? Thats the question ?+
  13. Mirai

    Zem Drops?

    Every single monster drop zem stones, not only a wyv.. I got my 3 zem stone yesterday, so the drop rate is okay .. Remember it is based on YOUR luck on your char to find them..... :)
  14. Mirai

    Angel's Very Important

    GM's has annonced ingame a lot by the angels. If you waesent on, you just have been unlocky :/
  15. Mirai

    Angel's Very Important

    Well if i were you, i wouldnt have tryed 6 times -_-. I might have tryed 2 times, and then ii would ask around -_-
  16. Mirai

    Angel's Very Important

    Hi You can upgrade you angel. Even though there stand it only req. 2 mj points, it's a bug. It's req. around 10+ mj points, before you can upgrade it .. Farjat told in game today to ..
  17. Mirai

    200 Players Connected Summon Event

    Wont make it :/ Well it's cool to see some awesome events =) Ty GM's
  18. Mirai

    About Battlemages And Dk Weapons

    I would like it ya, could be awesome, but a lil sad for us, who all ready fk our stats :/
  19. Mirai

    About Battlemages And Dk Weapons

    If he has more INT than str then yes then he gets DK rapier. Even if you have 130 str, you still get DK rapier Some exampels here: Str 130 Vit 126 Dex 200 Int 131 Mag 10 Chr 10 ^ This will result in DK wand and DK rapier Str 131 Vit 126 Dex 200 Int 130 Mag 10 ^ This will result in DK Sword Str 99 Vit 157 Dex 200 Int 130 Mag 10 Chr 10 ^ This will result in DK chain mail Str 100 Vit 156 Dex 200 Int 130 Mag 10 Chr 10 ^ This will result in DK plate mail
  20. Mirai

    About Battlemages And Dk Weapons

    I had to fk up my stats cause then i could get the flame and wand at the same time .. You need more STR. than INT. to get DK sword You need more INT. than STR. to get DK wand. Not everyone that knows that, but it is that simple. If you want DK plate you shall atleast have 100 STR. Else you get DK chain mail. It is very simpel, but there is no form for information/guide about this.. MAybe there should or??
  21. Mirai

    Pvp Event Sunday Feb 17th

    I think it sucked that i had to go before pvp event were finish xD. But a sure thing it was funny =). Who won the PVP event? Tell names please =)
  22. Mirai

    About Battlemages And Dk Weapons

    I agree with King .. My stats are totaly fked up right now, cause i wantet dk wand and dk sword. It would be unfair just to make some sort of trade for him to get dk wand also. As king said, we build our own char, and we knew how to do the producere to get both DK weapons. Keep up training
  23. Mirai

    Where Do These Drop?

    As far as i know it does ..
  24. Mirai

    Gms Reduce

    OFFtopic Hunter says it isent allowed to use macro AT ALL.. Maybe gm's should talk about what is permittet, and what isent? ONtopic Your banned for being afk in a pit, probelly with a shield on you. To train a skill while you are afk, is not permittet. It has been notice ingame SO MANY times. You should be glad it isent more than a week youre banned. Create a new account and make a mage, and lvl that up until your char is unbanned :)
  25. Mirai

    Me Robaron Todo

    Do you share account or anything ?