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  1. mythfat

    Screenshot/video Dump From 2006 On.

    Miss those days =O)
  2. mythfat

    Hello Again Nemesis

    Do some major advertising!
  3. mythfat

    Welcome Myth[GM]

    Who is this myth guy...
  4. mythfat

    Happy Bday Duuuuuu

    du is dead
  5. mythfat

    Happy Birthday Nimda

    Nimda is dead
  6. mythfat


    lo peor
  7. mythfat

    What's Going On?

    I'll help you "earn" some eks Guerrero ;) ;) ;)
  8. mythfat

    Bai Bai Nemesis

    I'm speechless because I don't know what's going on
  9. mythfat

    Old Schoolers?

    Yes ErliN was in phoenix with me and dying every day to x sword =O)
  10. mythfat

    New User Of Tsolis2

    Hi there new user! I will never see you =O)
  11. mythfat

    Random Ranting

    You are banned! =O)
  12. mythfat


    You are silly!
  13. mythfat


    hehe Stamford College is an amazing name =O)
  14. mythfat

    African/trojan Men

    It is totally legal to use an opposing town's character to kill an enemy =O)
  15. mythfat

    Well, My Last Good Bye Elvine

    Hi Juggernaut =O)