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  1. sizi

    Santa[gm] Christmas Wish List

    Dear Santa, I wish for cancelation manual :D ----------- Daremyth P.S. My wife Katia would like storm bringer, she told me" this sword is most beautiful in hb" hahaha :rolleyes:
  2. sizi


    Last time (Demon Event) we had so many ppl for food game, maby next time GM will make a auction who give much gold will win items. 2nd idea is added zem into a lottery, small % to win ofcourse:), now lottery doesn't sense:(
  3. sizi

    Character Unstuck

    2 chars bloked bi :( GM doing something plz. nick: Katia and Daremyth
  4. sizi

    The Underground Knights Fights

    Hah nie mialem gdzie napisac wiec wale tu:P Zbanowali mi net na miesiac qwa za sciaganie nielegalnych plikow, ale walcze moze za tydzien sie uda, pozdro dla all:)
  5. sizi

    Pvp Event Sunday Feb 17th

    Thx for event!!!! nice 5h fight, gratz aresden!!!! Maby next event will be guild vs guild (3mages 3 war) thats will be fun too:) and stop disuss Beetlebum about party u play with u guild too, this is normal.
  6. sizi

    Kbs Banned For Lamming

    who know this guys :WolfWar? he have 360eks haha next lame eks
  7. sizi

    Sade Times

    Now time sade is good cuz always 120ppl online, if u change, change only 1 sade for asian ppl :)
  8. sizi

    Heldenian Sundays 2 Pm Server Time

    Good time for european players:P thx
  9. sizi

    Dk Or No Dk?

    Ehh i lost 3 months to made manu and now all take dk 30k endu this is not fear, i agree dk weapon but armour its bad idea:((((
  10. yes thats right bbh and bh one hit takes 30 endu, hamer take 20 endu, i think strip is normal all server have the same, wuta u need better chain:) 180+ will be good;)
  11. sizi

    Server Update: Exp, Lvl & Drop Rate

    Exp x5 will be good, but what with ppl who exp so many day and have 140 now? no dk set pleas <_< i make 3 month manu and lost all when u add dk set :( dk armour will be good i like 140 lvl but we need somethink for max lvl: angel ,majestic ....dont know , oh and next ride time every day:) 15min not increase drop!!! AND dont ban our forum account!!!!!!! and block post, we write only our opinion !!!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some day we will back :) ------------------------------------ Spinor (Crematoria Guildmaster)
  12. sizi

    Ronnel Lammer?

    what u mean? -------------------- Spinor
  13. sizi

    Trip To Druncnian City

    6ppl and 20hc down B)
  14. sizi

    Design A Flag Contest

    oh i win, :D :D :D :D :D :D :D thx! U ask what present this flag? This is flags Lviv Ukrainian's city(Golden Gate) inside stay lion but i haven't idea how crate lion, then i use my guildsmans:P Thanks for help my guildsmans:P -------------------------------------- Spinor (Crematoria Guildmaster) (my english still sux :glare: )
  15. sizi

    Design A Flag Contest

    This is Katia's flag, she haven't forum account:P but would like participate in this event :D -------------------------------------------------- designed by Katia