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  1. Tyfoid

    Game Update 23/02/2014

    nope,still cant accept quests in ch, or even close the welcome screen by clicking accept. sort of sucks :/ fix plz.
  2. Tyfoid

    Game Update 05/10/2013 At 09:00 Am

    Very nice updates again. Thank you :)
  3. Tyfoid

    Nice Berk

    Trading crit 5%mp21 berk M for a similar berk W
  4. Tyfoid

    Update V5.43.001

    Yeah, we do it anyway, with a toothpick, coin or whatever. So why dont you make it easier for us? ! :) we the silent of the server have spoken :)
  5. Tyfoid

    Update V5.43.001

    White.. you could also add to the ctrl+n that you could mine without having to use a toothpick etc to hold down ctrl.. easier to drink while mining then^^ pretty plz? :)
  6. Tyfoid

    Annoying Bug

    When I complete the "kill 40 monsters in EF", it kindly decides to remind me that I have completed it... constantly. Anyone else having this problem?
  7. Not actually a bug.. was just wondering if you could change that if you choose "4 armor sex change potions" as a reward and dont have space for all (accidentally), that it would notify "not enough space". I know its ones own fault but... ^^
  8. Tyfoid

    Aution House Rares Added !

    A suggestion... you should be able to bid to items directly from the "not winning" or direct straight to that item to see all bidders or something like that. Instead of shuffling through the list. As it will be overkill when people start selling stuff.
  9. Hmz.. No offence but this is a "need moar itenz f4st for steamrolling those that havent got anything.. with guildmates" Rant. Beta has been live for what.. a full week? And if im not mistaken with somewhat limited dropoptions. Welcome to HB ;) I know the original HB without the x25 exp rate would not go far nowadays. I lvled one to lvl180 back in the day solo (ogre yielded 700xp). When i was max lvl, I had a kiloton of good gear and a very good guild to hunt with. Now I run alone, and played neme2 for 2 years.. And enjoyed it. Cos i enjoy the game.. and the grind for that matter, now its just so easy to get to max lvl, so it kinda at least for me, as i still remember the old Grind, that if I bang a majestic point in 30mins, i occasionally forget that its a lot faster than back in the day when it took a friggin week averaging 10h gamedays with easily above average gear. Its beta and from what im seeing, its gr8, apparently the new server is working fine and the new things devs are testing are working fine, so ^^. And even after 2 years, Im still grinding Liches for the odd chance that I might get a new IS manual^^ back in the day,those were rare ;) and as its beta, im testing 2 different angles on how to build my main or rather that if the tweaks i have in mind will work for me or not. Both will be gear dependant , so yes, +49+ hp,mp etc gear would be more than welcome, but they are rare ;) And on that note.. while doing the townq someone tried to whack me with a GBH. After a week of beta. Im still running with a +1 knight flam for which I used like 5 xstones to get upgraded. (No, my luck aint the best, I know full well your pain on +7sp armor drops.. but there is always the hope :) )
  10. Hey dev´s, was wondering about the one feature old Hb int had.. showing spawns on minimap. Was nice when banging exp or hunting people^^
  11. Tyfoid

    Pits Per Level

    Mostly town pits to 100, just because potting a lot so easy to refill and is fast exp, after that, now @ lvl 140+ been running amok on various pits, just to see how they are. Work tends to mess up gametime, so been on a pit that I can manage with least downtime. Clops and SG´s.
  12. Tyfoid

    Small Bug

    for now, few times for example if i want to buy something from blacksmith, the screen from witch to buy from has shifted to the bottom right of my screen.. can easily move it back to the middle but as it is beta, thought you should know.. and if other have similar prob. os windows 7
  13. Tyfoid

    A View Of The Community On Nemesis 3

    Agree with ~Silent~, began to miss HB couple years back and found Nemesis and have had lots of fun playing again.. Really do appreciate the x25 exp, back in the day I grinded myself to 180 on x1 exp, took me over 3 years, I might add.. Fun for me is the chance for a drop.. that gives me motivation to solo demons and ggs when possible and as I have a farming gene apparently, mining etc is also in my +book. I had better than average gear on the original hb international, and while it was fun it never was the thing for me.. more or less,made me a better guildleader and when the server had ~15000 players online, a little less easy target :) then again.. 256adsl and server in korea = 500ping on a good day :) My point is: The game is good. What you have done to make it even more enjoyable has more or less been great.. not sure tho about the immunity thing :) Seems kinda pansy eventho it would mean my poor char zoning to a box full of FH meanies^^. That said.. Im really looking forward to N3. That being said, not spending too much time on n2 cos was planning on working 100% blacksmithing on my miner, i really miss my old manu bx:)
  14. Tyfoid

    New Feature

    Back on the server after a while... school,hunting season etc.. the new patch feels great but is it a common thing that whenever i try to change character or lag out I get booted to desktop because client failed to shake... ? Just curious that can this be fixed by downloading a fresh full installation or is it a bug?
  15. Hey. Dont know if this has been posted yet but ever since the patch if i try to change char i get booted to desktop.. is this a new feature? been away a while, and am pretty tired atm,so thought to ask before reading the forum. :)