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  1. Attempting to come back if I can figure out the Windows and Directx 7.0a bug...

  2. khelben

    About Hunter[gm]

    If Hunter gets a chance to read this, let him know my prayers are with him on a recovery.
  3. khelben

    Nemesis Int

    True both servers can go different directions eventually one may be sade centered and the other heild centered or just flat out EK centered. Or who knows maybe one of the Two will become the PVM server with everyone hunting abby once a week. I would say both servers are thriving and give them a couple months they will equalize then start growing further and further apart in what they are. But neither will Die, honestly this was the best move possible at this time, the Nemesis Servers will dominate all other helbreath server out there.
  4. khelben

    Obscure Question

    Actually that was a bug when angels first came out, they did not subtract when taken off by switching between two angels if a stat went over 234 to 235 the character was locked out... and I had locked poor Khelben many a times trying to help scat and crew discover and fix that bug. Weapon speed never has worked correctly IMHO due to at 130 str a flam and a dagger are at the same speed (test it out) when the dagger is suppose to be at least 10x faster at that point. The only weapon that does not follow correctly is the bbh. all the rest hit top speed at their max stat. the bbh on the other hands never hits speed. If weapon speed worked correctly then you would have 208 str warriors ripping open dk sets like a tin can with daggers. and then weapon choice would not be Giant sword, Hero sword flam or BBH it would be what you wanted the char to use.
  5. khelben

    Obscure Question

    was afraid of that, but then it does get you thinking.... typical of me looking for in game ways to break things....
  6. khelben

    Obscure Question

    Ok I have another one of my pet theories (ok now is the time for people to start scratching their head on where I am going with this) I do need one question answered I know the Max for a stat is 200 and if you add a Maxed out str angel it can go up to 210 but what else can add strength to you and hypothetically what is the max. Which rings / Necklaces / Armor? / Weapons? I know I been away from the game too long use to be I could tell people which items I am asking about but I figured with about 3 years or 2.5 years of rust on me things may have changed a bit, There is a good reason I am asking this because there is a Game mechanic I want to see if I can break from inside the game. :ph34r: Weapon Speed : for every 13 str you go up one step on weapon speed, If the speed of a weapon and your speed match you swing normal if your below the speed of the weapon your slow but if your above the speed your fast. 10 str = weapon speed 0 13 str = Weapon Speed 1 26 str = Weapon Speed 2 39 str = Weapon Speed 3 52 str = Weapon Speed 4 65 str = Weapon Speed 5 Flam start 78 str = Weapon Speed 6 91 str = Weapon Speed 7 104 str = Weapon Speed 8 117 str = Weapon Speed 9 130 str = Weapon Speed 10 Flam max Giant sword start 143 str = Weapon Speed 11 156 str = Weapon Speed 12 Giant sword max Blackshadow sword start 169 str = Weapon Speed 13 182 str = Weapon Speed 14 Black Shadow sword max 195 str = Weapon Speed 15 BBH - assumed Start Speed also listed max 15(200~195) 208 str = Weapon Speed 16 221 str = Weapon Speed 17 <----- Hypothetical BBH Max What Combo of gear would be needed to hit 221 STR? Assuming that Speed Factor is programed Logically and the bonuses do follow True then this would mean that the BBH can go as fast as a flam with the right gears. I know angel can get to +10 Ring: ????? Neck: ????? Also can you drain off the excess points in cha using majestics, say taking it from 10 down to 1. Ok scratch your noodles on this one Khelben brought up a doozy of a couple obscure questions.
  7. khelben

    Faster Lvl For New Players Wanting To Come Back

    This is a sweet deal for people wanting to level with out grinding I strongly suggest take advantage of it unless your a pl raider of course. And do remember the dummies dont drop so your trading leveling fast for less chance at items. gba: I can understand the argument about good leveling places now are sucking but remember there are a great many maps that you can hide on that no one and I mean no one goes to, you just have to look for them... ;)
  8. khelben

    Protesting Against Hb Arg

    Tell you guys a secret the INT server is not no where near death... and that is all I can say. USE THIS time to get Majestics and some good items while the Massive pk/ek wars are away from there.
  9. khelben

    Nemesis Int

    Hmm now if it were reverse I would say we were test beding for them, but that does look bad.... If Arg gets all the updates and we get nothing then it can be looked at very poorly. Good catch on that one.
  10. khelben

    Nemesis Int

    You know this kinda reminds me of the Abbadon / Apocilypse split, Everyone and their mother ran to Apoclypse server played about a week then came back to abbadon where they had their good chars and all their items. Apoc was suppose to drain people off the main server instead it was pretty much a ghost town for quite a while. Now mind I have not been there in a while so I dont know if they closed appoc down and went back to just abbadon but it would seem likely. oh btw I logged in for my 3 little levels today and yes there were 72 active connections to the server doing a /who So dont panic people will come back because of their stuff, and if HB NEM ARG has to increase drop rate / xp rate to try and keep them it will be fruit in a week. And one think I do know is Farjat Hates Fruit. So ride it out guys it is the "oooh shiny" syndrome that is all it is.
  11. khelben

    Nemesis Int

    No need to protest Arg and here is why, that server will draw Argentina And Brazil and maybe Peru players they have to share the same forums with the INT crowd. Which means they play the Arg then get curious about the INT and come to INT if they get better pings simple as that. If you spread the word about HB NEM INT it will not fail and will not die. And Honestly if the population of INT can double after maybe 1/4 of the total population leaves for HB NEM ARG then what was so bad about it. NOW IS THE RIPEST TIME TO TELL YOUR FREINDS ABOUT US NOW IS THE TIME THEY WOULD HAVE HALF A CHANCE WITH OUT THE SHOP CAMPERS EVERY WEEKEND GET THEM TO COME and watch things get even better. BTW sexy if you can get the Population up to 500+ Stable on HB NEM INT I may consider putting in a Resurection Request on the WARLOCK. ;)
  12. khelben

    Protesting Against Hb Arg

    Ok I hate actually siding on this one but I will say this is temporary Remember you got the Oceania crowd, the Europe guys and the Americans they all play hb nem int. This week and probably next week they will be going over to HB nem Arg to take a look at it, By them going to look this in turn will drop the server population for a temp time not forever!!!! Now is the time for those Dedicated to Keeping HB Nem Int alive to pull out their MSN Rollodecks call all the people who they have on there to come back, It is time to advertise you your face book friends that You play Nemesis Interational and drum up support. Crying fowl at this point will not fix this situation, Getting the Population of INT higher then the Population of ARG will. Got old buddies from the Helbreath International and Helbreath USA servers contact them tell them about dragonia, tell them about the balanced game play tell them this server is not much of a grind and is not fruit. But please dont bitch and whine if your not going to do something about it.
  13. khelben

    Argentina Server Opening.

    HB Nem Int players do not panic, what your seeing right now is the LookieLoos going to look at the new Shiny server they will come back and things will equalize out not to mention if the default language on one server is Spanish and the other server English your going to have new players who first find HB Nem Arg who speak only English learn about HB Nem Int via the forums and come in to our server. It is like this with every major Change Everyone Rushes to take a look at it and other aspects of the game are forgotten for about one to two weeks. Ride it out and stop panicking about it. Just Remember the Lower server load on HB NEM INT means less lag which means in turn better game play. Over all I see HB Nem Int loosing only about maybe 1/4 of its true population when it is all said and done. Same thing happened with HB Int when HB Usa opened for those that dont remember. HB Int Recovered.
  14. khelben

    Old Schoolers?

    HB int Pre gold the Effrit server. as KhelbenV First guild I was in was the same one with RedHunter and Soul, GoD guild HB USA pay to play as Kheblen moved here because most of the GoDs guild had moved, Still stuck it out with Soul then known as Fearless or Misstat. Still laugh at the Fights she would get into with Face of the Phoenix guild. Here for a long while... til I got board as Khelben BTW any big updates other then Dagonia since I left?
  15. ::gins:: god I am getting tempted, but not yet... let this stew a little more... fish your on the right track using a test server so you can check the equipment required but for a warrior to pull it off you need some godly rare gear. ;)