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  1. elguason

    Hows Everybody Doing?

    Hello Snow, Hello Nemesis staff and Hello Nemesis Community :) King & Trinity played few months Nemesis V.2 I tried to contact Hunter's son once (Facebook) but he didnt reply my PM. Its not like i dont want to stay positive, but no matter of what Hunter would always return and post something, send a PM or contact you by msn... I remember there were great people like Cakes, xColoOox, Cidny, Warmen, etc. Players like Darkramza, Koro, Darkness_ and Vday who you should avoid... The global trash talk of Malakai days :wub: ... The 1 minute raid. When Dangerous (Pichu) would come with any crazy story to Scat and Scat was such a nice guy who would believe him :D . Dangerous was like 12 years old, probably now he is married with kids lol. The flirt between Gargazol_ and Lexus... Till he realized Gargazol_ was not exactly a girl. Or the days when Hunter would kill a TW and give you the drop if it was your birthday, and players would suddenly have their birthday once a week :D Nemesis 1 was not as good as Nemesis 2 or 3 but it was really funny :wub: Good job White GM and Nemesis Staff on the updates.
  2. elguason

    Nemesis V.3 :)

    Long time no see... Hello everyone!! Best wishes to Nemesis staff, community and server!
  3. elguason

    Happy Bday White[gm] Aka Jorisnoob.

    Happy bday Joris
  4. elguason

    Hi Guy's

    Welcome back Lorraine :)
  5. elguason

    Amp Warrior Build.

    If you want to do PVPs (AKA 1 vs 1, AKA no shield, no amp, no pfm, no using both hands, no chugging big pots, no open more than one eye, or any kind of rule) dont make an AMP War. If you have 112 Int, use your amp. If you want an AMP War to raid or fight in any situation and have fun, 130str is enought unless you have an amazing hammer or Gis (160str), add more than 170dex, & 50 Mag at least. If you have less than 170 Dex, be ready to shield cast on 23423 vs 23233. Do not fight wars in 1 vs 1. Time your AMP always, with low vit and dex you will be the casual aim. You will die a lot less... and kill even less. I dont like AMP Wars, but I would go for 130 str, 112 Int, 190/195 Dex, 110 Vit, 55/50 Mag... Then i would mess around, annoy people with wars-mages.
  6. elguason

    [Event] Spring Guild Vs Guild Pvp Tournament !

    Wow du sounds pro. But I'll just do nothing but inhibit in the event. "Failed" is for u. Saitam says he will Lighting Bolt both. "Laught" is for u. http://www.facebook.com/groups/36562839667/
  7. elguason

    Abby Down = Inner Sanctum

    Congratulation. That shows that the hunt goes better with out the noob Lagartija helping!
  8. elguason

    A Way To Obtain A Used Special Magic Scroll

    I dont think is a good idea to make it by contri, because the unbalance... and when most of them will use this just to sell and quit. May be by donation (Higher than town change) or 1000EKs off topic: is not the first time i read my name when i had nothing to do lol
  9. elguason

    The Most Racist Coment Ever Made

    GMs: next time ban those who made this kind of topics instead of sending tickets, delete their forum's accounts too. Im not on a bad mod, i just remembered why i wasnt around in the last month+
  10. Go to Bisle (BI), survive and pick them... they are under the arrows
  11. elguason

    Tickets (read)

  12. elguason

    I Missed You Helbreath

    You could come back :)
  13. elguason

    Tickets (read)

  14. elguason

    Valkyrie Banned?!