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    Password Recovery

    Is password recovery/reset down? I tried to recover password today and it says an email was sent to my email addresses but not for realz!
  2. MrBader

    Welcome To Our New Coding Forum!

    Please figure out how to incorporate the code up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A!!!! All the great games have it!
  3. MrBader

    Getting To The Bottom Of It.

    Yeah I sent all the emails I needed to just waiting for homeboy to send an email to confirm.
  4. MrBader

    Getting To The Bottom Of It.

    i cant confirm it. :) i dunno what email are u talking about!! Please dont think i know who is each account in the forum and in the game accounts!!!! Need details to know it! u can do it. it doesnt say no. In a big Summary, rule 1 means if theres trouble in a selling/trading we are not going to deal it. Which usually also means we are going just to ban the involved accounts! I only posted rule #1 because i have a 6th sence which can smell coming problems! I sent email to your email account from email associated with BadingMage saying that TheAssasin's owner can change that email address like I am trying to do.
  5. MrBader

    Getting To The Bottom Of It.

    I am not trying to recover anything only deal with the real owner of the account so that I do not get screwed later on. The fix is simple the owner of TheAssasin can email me saying it never should have been traded and he can reset password or the owner can email farjat to complete the trade. Farjat please confirm that I have sent the email to you stating that it is okay to change my accounts email as long as the owner of TheAssasin has done the same. And about rule #1 I have seen GMs mention that for the mean time atleast it is okay to sell accounts for money I assumed that it was also okay to trade accounts.
  6. I am posting this here for a couple reasons one being maybe a warning to other players and the other being that I will hopefully reach the person I have been trying to deal with. A few days ago I traded my Elv Mage BadingMage for The Ares Warr TheAssasin. When making the trade I asked that he send an email to xxxxxx so that we could have the emails exchanged. For fear of them trying to steal my items later. He said okay. Anyway it has been a few days now and he has not sent the email to farjat like agreed. I do not feel comfortable keeping my items on the char I just recieved without an email change so I have reset the password on my mages account until the true owner of the account of TheAssasin emails either me at or xxxxx saying that it is okay to change email or saying that no one ever had the right to trade that account in which I will return the hero set that belongs to it. The trade was a little fuzzy being that I dont speak spanish. If someone would translate for me that would be awesome. I would like the real owner of TheAssasin to email me from the email assigned to that account at so that we can get this straightened out. Fijo este aqu? para una pareja razona el que que es tal vez una advertencia a otros jugadores y el otro ser que alcanzar? con esperanza a la persona con la que he estado tratando de tratar. Hace unos d?as cambi? mi Elv Mage BadingMage para el Ares Warr TheAssasin. Haciendo el comercio pregunt? que ?l env?e un correo electr?nico a xxxxxxx de modo que pudi?ramos hacer cambiar los correos electr?nicos. Por miedo de ellos tratando de robar mis art?culos m?s tarde. ?l dijo bien. De todos modos esto ha sido unos d?as ahora y ?l no ha enviado el correo electr?nico a farjat como concordado. No siento el cuidado c?modo de mis art?culos en el trabajo por horas que s?lo recib? sin un cambio de correo electr?nico entonces he reinicializado la contrase?a en mi cuenta de mages hasta que el due?o verdadero de la cuenta de TheAssasin env?e por correo electr?nico m? en o xxxxx que dice que debe cambiar bien el correo electr?nico o el refr?n que nadie alguna vez ten?a el derecho de cambiar aquella cuenta en la cual devolver? el juego de h?roe que le pertenece. El comercio era un peque?o ser rizado que dont digo el espa?ol. Si alguien tradujera para m? que ser?a imponente. Me gustar?a el verdadero due?o de TheAssasin enviarme por correo electr?nico del correo electr?nico adjudicado a aquella cuenta en de modo que podamos arreglar este.
  7. MrBader


    Awesome idea, I think perm crim should have access to both towns
  8. MrBader

    Minimap Suggestions

    Oh my dear god yes! Anyone else find asking someone for party the most annoying task ever? First idea cool too!
  9. MrBader


    I remember them, I was in Phoenix
  10. MrBader

    Forum Contest 2!

    Ara?s Sword of Displacement Strength to FS 30. 30 minute Activation Weapon: Damage like ice elemental when not activated. When activated this sword has two possible functions when activated. The first being when HP of user is 100 or above the weapon will be good for 1 hit against another enemy player which will transport them both to an arena for a fight to the death. No recall is allowed by either party. The second use would be for when a player has less than 100hp for one hit. The user if hit for damage will be instantly teleported to a random map. Only one use can be used per activation and may only be used for 1 hit each time. Story: Centuries ago during the brief time when Aresdens and Elvines lived in peace there was an age of prosperity and intellectual growth. During this time some of the greatest wizards, blacksmiths, and alchemists from both sides of Middleland worked together to better everyones lives. With it safe to explore Middleland without fear of being attacked by the opposite town combatants more hunting and training was taking place than ever. Everyone looking for rare monster parts to forge with there weapons. The monsters in middleland were hunted to the brink of extinction until one day the greatest beast of all came to protect her babies. She was known only as Mother by all the monsters in the land. Mother at first only protected her kin in middle land but once the land was back in control of her children she sought out for revenge. She began to get even by taking the first born sons from each town. For nearly 100 years this went on with all of the greatest warriors from Elvine and Aresden alike trying to murder her with no avail, they just added to the mound of death that lay at the entrance to her cave. If it had not been for Ara, born from an Aresden Warrior and a Elvine Mage. Ara being the daughter of a Warrior and a Mage was taught both skills from a young age. With an exceptional skill in alchemy and the training of from her father as a blacksmith she spent nearly every waking hour of her young adult life trying to find a way to rid the land of Mother. While wondering through an ancient ice covered land she came across a mysterious dragon creature she had never seen before but when she attacked it with her sword it disappeared. Ara spent months searching and studying this peculiar dragon until one day she finally managed to slow it down enough using ice storm to land a fatal blow. She found a black jewel embedded in its chest which she was able to combine with her most perfect sword. Once the weapon was complete she knew she finally had a weapon that could put down the monster terrorizing her world. When she confronted the over confident Mother she struck her sword deep within the monsters belly and was instantly teleported to a dark cave she had never seen before that had no exit. She fought with Mother for the next 30 minutes until she was nearing her final breath. Ara stood herself up and with all the strength left in her body and dealt one last blow striking the monster severely hurting it. Irritated with the strength of Ara to put up such a fight and this powerful weapon she wielded Mother delivered a surely fatal blow right into Ara?s heart but when her claw touched Ara?s chest Ara immediately disappeared leaving mother trapped in this dark cave all by herself for eternity. Ara awakens again in a beautiful land she had never seen with the weapon in her hand. She was hurt badly but she lived and for the rest of her days tried to find her way back home. Ara nor her sword ever made it back home, her bones and this magnificent weapon lay somewhere in some lost land. Sorry for the bad story telling. Uploaded with
  11. MrBader

    Forum Contest 2!

    lol I got that same sword hanging up in my garage
  12. MrBader

    Win Vista Fix?

    Fo rizzle? Thats awesome!
  13. MrBader

    Win Vista Fix?

    There is a post about it somewhere in forum but basically disable your graphics card and there yah go. It worked for me when I came back about amonth or so ago.
  14. MrBader

    Map Suggestion And Balance For Dammage

    While HB is a pvp game, not everyone is here souly for the purpose of killing other people. If you want that kind of experince there are plenty of helbreath abortions of private servers out there where there isnt but a few maps. If you want to play a helbreath server that does its best to keep true to the game we all fell in love with while at the same time tring to stay current nemesis is where you belong. People on here complaining about how there arent enough people on or maps are to big will also be the first people comlaining about how they cant make a decent hunt or train without interference if the server ever did get big again with those small maps. Not to mention changing maps would be a huge deal I think without totally bastardizing the game. I frankly love this server right now, I can hunt when I want to hunt and always find an ek. If you want more people on here do your part and help recruit or vote for top 50 everyday.
  15. MrBader

    Forum Contest 1

    Helbreath Nemesis is so awesome it has been the best server for 6? 7? years and counting.