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  1. Seriously you can only possibly be two things: A delinquent Completely illiterate. Both of which explain why you won't be able to comprehend what I've just said and what 80% of others have posted already. I'm guessing the other 20% come from the same incest delinquent family tree.... You are the reason I believe in forced birth control.
  2. I think I just got dumber reading all of that.... It's a game of town vs town. The object of the game is to kill and not be killed. That means you should avoid by ANY means necessary of giving the other town an advantage by giving your EK away. Case closed.
  3. ScHmO


    Imo the server is run exceptionally (as in maintenance, bug fixes, uptime etc). The ticketing system is also a good idea for problem resolving. As said above, I played on a fruit server a week or two ago where i had 4k hp and died in two magic spells... no fun. My only criticism which I probably have no right to state (had you not asked for it) is that I believe GM's can be over sensitive at times and can do some pretty silly things - won't name the specific occasions as this isn't the place but this is only a very minor problem in the whole scheme of things. This would probably be my only criticism of the server... so all in all that's pretty good.. Generally speaking it's the idiot players that make the server less fun (Take a look at the posters in the SS forum if you want a general clue)
  4. ScHmO

    Hero Cape

    i really wonder where people come up with such myths.. It is not a myth, Have you played Helbreath 2.2?It is set by default that hero cape is the 1st piece that has to be taken out. +1
  5. ScHmO

    Hero Cape

    i like the idea of mp7/mp14 hp7/hp14. Hardly godly but still very useful. Also I don't see why hero cape has to follow in the same idea as hero set (but 10 defence seems a bit silly even so)
  6. ScHmO

    See The Game From A Different Angle!

    +1 I suggested back in nem1 that it be banned as it goes against the MMORPG principals of the game (or reality for that matter)....... but was hounded by a million people (namely the full hero characters that got 95% of their ek's through pvp)...
  7. ScHmO

    Low-level Spells

    Honestly, as much as everyone will cry about it happening, there are two options that I see available to fix this, first option is to remove the dk set; if you remove the dk set, that will get rid of the whole "armor can't be stripped by hammers" issue and "mages only take -1 damage with dk+100% shield+mshield." The second option, which I don't think people will like either is, remove the M.Shield wand; the dk set one seems more universal, but if you remove the M.Shield you remove the immortal tower mage formula.... Either way, I'd still opt for removing the dk set (or at least lower the duribility from 30k, holy shit, put it at something reasonable....) Or better yet change the formula so that it doesn't rely on endurance.. make it 10% strip all types of armour (when damage is dealt) and make it a random armour part. I don't really see why it needs to rely on endurance. If this were going to happen though that'd even further disadvantage other classes (IE GiS etc) meaning that'd need to be balanced as well... and Vampyr gets too many EK's as it is so overall I think the classes should be mainly left alone :) The only suggestion i thought that i semi liked was the one about the different elemental spells that could complete with blizz - whilst this increases the amount of spells mages can use... people are more likely to have a light/air neck than IE neck anyway...
  8. ScHmO

    Low-level Spells

    how is it different to the paralyse spell... only para has a far lower mp useage (without damage) - and it lasts longer. As i said lower the damage of MS if you want... blizz would still be more effective and... when i say id like to see spells become more functional... i would... but i don't think it can be done without stuffing up the mage Vs warrior balance regardless of what you do someone will complain.. so i would suggest just leaving it as is - (Except LS really needs to have a damage overhaul)...
  9. ScHmO

    Low-level Spells

    Wow nice in depth... Pitty physics doesn't actually agree with you :D Water is a reasonable conductor of current. Metal is in general far better. And hence rain would actually hinder the conductivity... but... ahh... i spose that wasn't exactly the point was it :P ... maybe it should do LESS damage when it rains! :) :P :excl: :excl: :excl: Take the prize away from him :excl: :excl: :excl: Just not before i buy my baxe please ;) On a less spam note: If all this were to eventuate would it be possible to say have a magic circle level (lets say one) where you can manually put specific spells rather than hotkey them - ie up to five. This is one reason I don't stuff around with too many different spells as if they're in different circles its just annoying... obviously then the very important "Create food" and "Magic missile" would have to be placed somewhere! EDIT: Personally I'm not in favour with dicking around with the damage formula of blizz and/or the max mana level... I'd personally like to see spells become more functional rather than more damaging - ie say MS - put a 2 second para for a direct hit.. whilst this is actually making the spell more damaging its not really making a mage more powerful as it still probably wouldn't beat blizzard - increase the mana required / lower the damage or something if you think it does...
  10. ScHmO

    Marking Enemies

    Either way when a large group comes im forced to go into low detail mode anyway! I wouldn't like to go back to seeing pfa/pfm - I personally don't even like the clock much I miss the days of using my mobile phone lol :)
  11. I'd be excited to even GET a drop... I have lvl 180 warrior; lvl 180 mage (both with MP's too) and the best stated armour drop iv gotten is sp30 or something haub. Not one mp/dr/hp drop yet - best shield I've been dropped is mp21. In all the training I've gotten 2 zems 1x stone and 1m stone.... in over 300 million exp! EDIT: I just failed 5/5 attempts at crafting First: Lost M stone, dm3, dm1 Second: M stone ms10 Third: M stone Fourth: M stone Fifth: Ms10 GO team!
  12. ScHmO

    Marking Enemies

    Just a thought that I've always had - why is it that ONLY in crusades that enemies have that red circle around them? I presume it was put there so that when lots of players are on your screen its easy to locate friendly players as well as enemies. Not so useful for warriors who generally target one player anyway but for mages its near impossible to not kill same town/keep hitting enemy as your cursor never goes over them when casting... in town raids and even when there's 5+ people on the map its very hard to work out whose who... I'm sure it'd be easy to implement? No need for NPC's to have it ... obviously...
  13. Yea I remember the GM's looking through chat logs with odd looks wondering what the hell TB was :)
  14. Or all those eks lost to CPs. i reckon iv lost a hero set to CPs.... most hated NPC in HB easily
  15. on HBMOG i lost an EK in garden to a snake....