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  1. Blacky

    Ummmff I Quit

    Good riddance!
  2. Blacky

    Apertura Del Servidor Argentino

    Amen PD: fuerza hermano
  3. Blacky

    Aresden O Elvine. ?guilds?

    mythfate - Aresden Lacoste - city dudosa
  4. Blacky


    Todavia no aprendemos bien espa?ol? y Scar, sigue con sus clases?
  5. Blacky

    No Balance Is Needed Coz

    SHIT. Ares is done for now that GOD has returned
  6. Blacky

    Ares Sc Pit

    i pulled a moha
  7. Blacky

    Nemesis Scavenger Hunt List And Rules

    Survivors ftwin
  8. Blacky

    Bai Bai Nemesis

    So you scammed my guildmate? Good riddance.
  9. Blacky

    Nemesis Teamspeak?

    Admins, any chance we can set up a Nemesis teamspeak server? Or is there already one in existence? Edit: I remember the channel but I don't remember the password. Does anyone have it?
  10. Blacky


  11. Blacky

    What Is Rep?

    Rep is shorthand for reputation. It is essentially how people think of you, the kind of character they believe you embody, as well as your general integrity.
  12. Blacky

    Inhibit And Cancel....

    I support you
  13. Blacky

    Should Wednesday Be A Raid Day?

    I disagree with you Guerrero
  14. Blacky

    Solution To Loggers

    I support any solution for stopping loggers in the enemy town. This is getting ridiculous with the number of people I've seen log.
  15. Blacky

    Solution To Loggers

    BE quiet guerrero