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    Update Soon !

    hohoho i'll slice you dude ;p + gotta talk to juntti & others about this update
  2. Dimora

    Update Soon !

    i cant close my mouth anymore. i guess its jammed. GRRREAT !
  3. Dimora


    buy new brains now and solve my ati+win 7 60 fps problem ;p
  4. Dimora


    i have a laptop. harder to install new gfx :P
  5. Dimora


    ramz i know, but ive got ati radeon ;]
  6. Dimora


  7. Dimora


    same here ;P. i havent been playing for 2 weeks because of win 7. check out ati radeon -topic from general section. theres a conversation about this.
  8. Dimora

    Ati Radeon

    thanks for helping us. i also have win 7 + ati -> 60 fps.
  9. Dimora

    Ati Radeon

    for some reason i couldnt even open ati tray tools. it says 'error' -.- has anyone found a working solution?
  10. Dimora

    Ati Radeon

    i got a new laptop with ati radeon in it. same problem here. 60 fps isnt cool ;L
  11. Dimora

    Well Hello There Nemesis

    yo dude. take care. I've also been away from hb for a year but now in the past 2 weeks I've logged in couple of times. Im not going to play as actively as before but it has been fun to log in at times. I guess you should try too :) hb is refreshing!
  12. Dimora

    New User Of Belv

    hows my plate belv?!!!!!
  13. Dimora

    Happy Birthday Maynard

    happy bday mate!
  14. Dimora

    2 Vs 2 Pvp Event Sunday

    close but no cigar. zoro & kocha rules
  15. Dimora

    Happy Birthday Dimora Aka Kochakoi

    i dont need 'the force' coz i got 'the noobies' with me :lol: . Survivors rules! :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:
  16. Dimora

    Happy Birthday Dimora Aka Kochakoi

    omg nice! thanks guys! 23 years old today ;g (double it and im 46)
  17. Dimora

    If Anyone Cares...

    bye and gl in life to you. i will always remember u as a nice guy and as a very good player. :)
  18. Dimora

    Ares Sc Pit

    100% agreed and also suggested multiple times
  19. Dimora

    Can Any1 Tell Me Who This Is?

    definitely shaggnut
  20. Dimora

    Pm I Got From Aresden@trader

    ye i got pm from him too. same message as u had.
  21. or kill it with buddies and ask them to get out of screen? ;)
  22. good guild needs few (3-6) core members that know how to play the game. These players recruit new potential members and teach them all kinds of tricks they know. Master & apprentice -approach + trust
  23. Dimora


    a-i-e-a-e-a-o welcome back