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    hero cape should be made non strippable, same for +1/+2 hero cape it just seems so silly when indirect rear hit strips capes because of the way bbh are incredibly boosted for strip.
  2. Tav

    Town, General Chat Not Working

    ! for shout ~ for town chat ^ for guild chat hope this helps
  3. Tav

    Alt + Tab = Lockup

    windows 8.1 professional x64 I can log in and play now that im using the recommended settings, however if I alt+tab out, then back in, the screen stays frozen. the sounds continue if I click as if I was moving but the video is locked/unmoving. any idea what might be causing this or any possible solution? thanks
  4. Tav

    Windows 8.1 Incompatible?

    well that worked, I couldn't use my hd tv as it was 30hz but it loads with my small monitor.
  5. is there a fix to allow windows 8.1 to run this? it gives me a requires directx 7.0a error I have a much higher version of directx
  6. Tav

    Some Wonderings.

    in my opinion the best way to stop the ek laming, is not the character name being used. but the IP involved. so playerA kills NoobA. NoobA logs on different char NoobB. playerA kills NoobB. he shouldnt get an ek for that. put the timers on the IP address. this would be alot more reliable. cheers
  7. Tav

    Polite Question

    well im thankful to hear that the ek lamers are taken care of, and to the person saying the lvl 180s shoudl get the bigger cut.... allow me to describe again what's happening. level 180 with amp, parties with a str noob lvl 50-80. the lvl 180 casts amp on the lower level. the lower level slays ice golem and earns approx 80,000 xp. this gets split 50/50. so the lvl 180 has just earned 40,000 xp, roughly equivilent to what he would earn for killing 4 ice golems ALONE. when the str noob gets too high a level, it is discarded, and another str noob is used. Take BlueBerry as an example they use a series of noobs named Party## (where ## is the number last i saw they were up to Party16) but im sure its alot higher now. by using this exploit they are training approx 4 times faster than those legitimately playing and exping alone. often the str noob is using an exp+20% weapon. this is a serious matter due to the greatly lowered xp for the 180s. AND on top of it those lvl 80 "str noobs" are often the target of Ekers which lvl 80+ gives ek since most of these noobs are eitehr naked or mostly naked its nearly a lamed ek on top of it. i hope this clarifies what the problem is.
  8. Tav

    Polite Question

    i'm a dialup user, u would have to do a more careful search because i dont have a static ip. the character was Power1. and yes i did finally get it to join aresden because i ran through the portal after the reboot as u had mentioned. if u desire check the logs, im not a dishonest person. the questions that i asked originally are still unanswered ....and are not related to the beginner zone blocked, but the other matters. i will ask again so there isnt further confusion. what is being done about this [bug abuse] and [EK laming]? see original post if u still dont understand please. i still feel the extended ban was unwarrented but thats ur decision i suppose i'l have to live with it, but understand i am not pleased with having my time wasted, any more than u are with having yours wasted. 1 week got ur point across. i do not want to waste your time, i hope u will reconsider the ban. i am not sure how i can ask more clearly to avoid misunderstanding. i understand u want your server to be without cheats and exploits, thus why i reported this in the first place. all i wanted to know is: what is being done about this problems with bug and ek laming? i can offer some constructive fixes for advice. maybe u should make it so that only lvl 180 are EK to stop laming. as far as the experience exploit make the xp equal for all. i hope all of this can be resolved in peaceful manner, i'm not trying to cause problem but to resolve one.
  9. Tav

    Polite Question

    you should not have taken what i said personally farjat, u stated u were doing summons to the town of aresden, at the time i created a character to join aresde it was blocked off and there was no gm to offer any assistance, and the situation was frustrating....for calling the action retarded i apoligize. Will u pretty please, with a cherry on top, tell me if these problems will be dealt with, and if yes, may i ask in what manner sir? and if not may i ask why? i'm being serious dont take this as a joke.
  10. Tav

    Bug Abuse/complaints

    thx for the 1 week ban for pointing out a bug thats been here since nemesis 1. i simply call things as i see them. but i guess theres no point in reporting other problems. but still no response to any of this, simply "blah blah ur ban 1 week for not sugar coating your words" are these problems going to be dealt with or is this falling on deaf ears?
  11. Tav

    Bug Abuse/complaints

    complaint # 1 i'm sure some of you are aware of the party bug where a lvl 180 can party with a lower level, and while the lower level earns the exp, the experience is split at the rate of the lower level. mostly this is done at ice golems and its like 80k xp for 1 IG (split thats 40k each) 4x what a lvl 180 gets for killing an iG i speak to Hunter[GM] about this, and he admits its a bug, but they dont know how to fix/stop it. i speak to hunter and he says "this is fine u can do it and u wont get ban" however all of the time i find that some retarded admin has blocked the entrance to aresden from beginner zone. Why is this a problem? because it continues to allow only ELVINES to use/abuse/exploit/take advantage of this so called Bug/Feature. while not allowing aresden to do the same thing. All of the Oldies guild xp like this. This is clearly exploiting the game to gain advantage over others. the solution is simple, offer the same rate of experience for all players so that none may gain advantage of others. Complaint #2 there are numerous "aresden" citizens that do the following traitorous acts: invis elvines when they get paralyzed at shop. run around completely naked in front of the shop giving lamed EK to mostly Oldies guild. yet during a crusade i find Hunter[GM] killing low level elvines in elvine town for not staying inside buildings. Complaint #3 in terms of active players, there are way more elvine than aresden, yet the beginner zone is always blocked of for aresden. if u gonna block off the beginner zone, block them both off. its pointless to count the number of members in each town. as all one would have to do is make multiple characters to "join the other town" to make it "appear balanced" let players choose their town, dont force it upon them. and lastly. its been fun, but i dont really see any of this stuff changing, nor do i really expect any bans over the abuse that has been allowed to continue for months now, simply because nobody cares. i will ofc return if these things are fixed but cmon, aint happening exit Tav, aka A--hole dk6 wand dk8 flame aresden bmage
  12. Tav

    About Battlemages And Dk Weapons

    there is an even easier way of doing it to get the flame + wand, although it requires a bit of intelligent thinking take 104 str, and 112int at lvl 180. leave enough unspent stat points to raise ur str to 130. when u are 180. goto the city hall. /dkset get ur wand spend stat points on str to 130. /dkset now u have flame. have nice day. thx (PEEP) (ares dk flame / dk wand bmage)