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    Stopped In To Say Hello

    i got an ares and elv war and an elv mage, im just trying to figure out my passwords again. i like the xp and drops. before was just bad because not only did it take an hour to get 20% at lvl 120, but i had to work my *censored* off to get enough money to train in good pits. now i can log on, get a level in 30 min, and get back to work.
  2. I was just thinking about helbreath nemesis again...wondering what had changed since I left. I see you are still here Hunter, wutafreek, and there are some other familiar players too. I'm currently doing a lot of work to finish up my bachelors degree. Congradulations on keeping this server going for five years. No other server can say that besides the official ones. Well, time to get back to work, I'm thinking about logging back on if i get some free time. Happy eking!
  3. congrats rayne! i imagine the pain would be kinda like eating your own legs off or trying to stuff a giant pumpkin into your eyeball, only reverse. im taking care of my education before I have kids, so the only baby in my house for awhile is my pitbull pup, Calia, aka monster. i do want a son tho.
  4. Sid

    Admins Where Art Thou?

    hah not me, mine got evicted. you sure we havn't been waiting for this update since april 1? i could swear we have...
  5. Sid

    Have You Got A Rare?

    dbow from event :P i dont even have any zems to use it
  6. Sid

    Evil Evil Use Of Farming

    never thought of that, how did you think of it? did u get boxed in when you were afk?
  7. Sid

    Wow No Current Drama Thread?

    hint hint, make an update. i got a hack that allows me to put a watermellon in the angel slot, heh, and an edited watermellon that gives me hp91 ms30 mp91, and cp91. but dont tell anyone.
  8. Sid

    Barax Raiding

    yeah it was fun while it lasted
  9. Sid

    Need News

    not even worth 1 topic. i dont see what he was trying to say in the first place.
  10. Sid

    Design A Flag Contest

    i gotta admit that was a sick ss.
  11. Sid

    10 Second Rules On (recall)

    yeah i love that too, especially when im raiding the enemy town
  12. Sid


    ehh, make it 20 seconds. don't listen to the solo raider noob mages who think its too long. they havn't figured out pro ways to excape para and they need to: sink or swim. nemesis has always been the breeding ground for the best HB pvp tactics. people learn how to pvp here.
  13. Sid


    exactly, the people who are 140 are the people that enjoy low xp servers. now that you've had your fun leveling for hours to get max level and owning people that are lower level than you, its time to play some real helbreath. that means pvping people that are the same level as you to see who is more SKILLED. this server caters to the 2% of helbreath players that like low xp. so if we keep it like this, then those 2% of the people can have fun playing by themselves. if they really want a server like that, they should make their own private server and invite each other. bottom line: theres not enough dedicated low xp hb players to have a fun server. it takes too much time out of your life, where most helbreath fans want to get on and own people.
  14. Sid

    Pvp Event

    i LOVE the idea of a pvp event. that being said, 100% of the time i d/c while in pvp events since my start in nemesis 1. this time was no different. my comp cant handle it, so im retiring attempting at pvp events. congrats aresdans who won, you had good teamwork in both mage and warr event
  15. Sid

    The Curse Of The Phantom Rep

    people that run with the hatchet will know what im talking about.