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    Old Schoolers?

    Played Int for a couple months before P2P, then quit for quite a while, came back after a while to MOG, got to lvl100 or so before MOG came back with the 3.1 files, and I moved onto that server. After it went down, I random-surfed servers for a while, I think I played Nem1 for a small while, before playing Archaic and Celestial2/3. After that went down, I played here for a short while, and am now half-playing again here. I'd have to say MOG 3.1+, Archaic, and Celestial have been my favorites. Nothing against the Nemesis crew.
  2. ChaosAura

    Just A Thought

    I never ask for items back, though a few times lately when I've died in 1v1 fights, they've offered. and quite often if I do get some kind of item when it was 1v1, I'll offer them their items back.
  3. ChaosAura


    Read what I said. I think there should be an axe in at 200 strength, as the highest damage weapon, roughly what the BBH is right now, and then the BBH damage reduced (though, I wouldn't mind to see it completely removed, and just have the axe in @ 200 str)
  4. ChaosAura


    I realise that. What I think should be done, is put an axe in @ 200 strength, and lower hammer damage. And yeah, stripping as it is, is too high.
  5. ChaosAura


    Well, as it is right now, I'm against the rate of stripping but when it really comes down to it, theres another issue on this topic, with stripping, a huge bonus as it is, why are hammers the most powerful weapons? The damage of the BBH (and BH for that matter) coupled with the stripping make them much overpowered. I've always personally thought that some kind of axe should be the most powerful, especially considering the fact that they don't have any added bonuses, such as stripping.
  6. ChaosAura

    @ Bsw

    But you're also not factoring in the rarity of these items. And think about this; who gets the rare items, the low levels or those that max and then go out and hunt the large monsters. Yeah, most of the high levels have a PL raider or so, but really, any weapons they use on their main characters they can throw onto their PL raiders (just judging by the stats of most raiders I've seen) already, so any weapons they get, are just as useless. the case of BSW, yeah, its probably good for a PL raider, but still, with a level 140 PL, you can fit a decently built blizzmage in under the cap, so that nerfs it for a regular mage. Its a battle-mage spell. you try make a decent battle mage @ lvl 140 to fight in PL, if I get BSW, I'll give it to you. Your character will be completely bunk.
  7. ChaosAura

    @ Bsw

    I've seen plenty of decent blood sword builds in level 180 servers, without the sword being touched server side. And they are rares, theres a reason they are rare. Why should they suck, if you just plain never get them. Because they were made during a lower max level time? Thats not a good reason. Things should be buffed up to meet what the server is, not left as crap along the way.
  8. ChaosAura

    @ Bsw

    Says the mage. It's a rare spell, it deserves to do decent damage because of the reasons i listed before. Darkexecutor, blood sword, mass fire strike, blood axe, etc, are all rares weapons and spells...and guess what...they suck too :sleep: . Those items where made for a lower level server, its obvious right now in a 180 server will suck. For the reasons u listed, almost all rares should be buffed.... With a decent build around something like a Blood Sword, it can be a decent weapon. With a decent build around BSW right now, its still useless. Why should these rare weapons be nerf just because they were made during a lower level server? Doesn't that mean they should be brought up to par with how the server is now?
  9. ChaosAura


    Exactly what I think. I'm not against the stripping, its just too high as it currently is.
  10. ChaosAura


    I really don't know where to post this, but I remember when this server first came up I played it for a while, until I got tired of the insane hammer strip rates, and now I've been back for three days, and am getting tired of it once again. Its near impossible without DK armor (and, let me just say, I have no intent on getting to lvl 180, I'm just sticking to PL) to fight a warrior in PL unless you yourself have some sort of hammer build. A fully repaired knight plate is getting stripped like nothing in about, two and a half minutes? Its impossible to run some sort of a low level sword/axe build with this. Normally, a decently built 104/130 strength warrior should rock any high strength warriors in PL, but when they are naked in under 5 minutes, its not the case. Would I call this a bug? Not really, but as it is, something really should be done.
  11. ChaosAura

    Helbreath Nemesis Economy Ministry.

    The problem with this all, its already hard enough for new players to get the money they need for sets + spells and the like, especially if they want to train half-assedly quick and use the Barracks to start. I say have gold at like, 5x what the rate is on the official servers, but also I'd say give a 5k bonus @ lvl 50, and say, 25k @ lvl 90.
  12. ChaosAura

    Recall Giant Bug

    Last few servers I played had this, and, I must say it was a large improvement.
  13. ChaosAura

    Question About Drops

    Its always been that way, for the longest time. The past few servers I've played theres been a Merian plate (I'm quite sure its plate dropped by SG, not shield) within the first few weeks from a SG. Because Medusa = muchos grandos overpowerd.
  14. ChaosAura

    Design A Weapon Contest

    the best, like blood sword but for mana Only problem, it does the enemies mana. which is way overpowered like that, unless you make the damage super low (I'm talking dagger damage) and even then I'd hate to see it ingame. Though, I must say, its a well thought out idea, and put down on the forum nicely.
  15. ChaosAura

    Design A Weapon Contest

    Isn't this supposed to be open for another couple days? The original post says Friday @ Midnight (I'd guess server time) its Wednesday here right now, so somehow that seems to be a bit far ahead of schedule. I just started playing here again, and was thinking of giving this a shot -- oh well.