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  1. elvine had that many people online that actually stepped outside of a building? colour me shocked
  2. TheGambler

    Pvp Story

    you don't learn by being in reel wolf either literal proof that idiocy is contagious
  3. TheGambler

    Screenshot/video Dump From 2006 On.

    GAD did i see cake online? i was out christmas shopping :<
  4. TheGambler

    X-Mas Update!

    Is there something required to happen to open the quests in the workshop? I started the quest chain outside CH, went through all the IB quests, and neither npc in the workshop has any quest available.
  5. TheGambler

    Screenshot/video Dump From 2006 On.

    which one is yours? i feel like once i know who, i'm gonna think doh i should have known that. edit: wait, i'm thinking... vivienne, but i'm fairly sure that was a nemesis 2 name. jaja that's you, cakes, and i in elv d1 in the last ss
  6. TheGambler

    Screenshot/video Dump From 2006 On.

    XD i know, funny to see how far we've come. i mean personally, i was a terrible, terrible warrior. maybe not that bad, but nowhere near good. although, i was better then than i'd be now maybe. if i play warrior now i have a wand out 80% of the time anyway. you have NO idea lol i do remember those names! along with some of the older argenlandia players like Warmen, snake, raciel, Shion, etc. I know raciel and elguason and some others were around in nemesis 2, but still. It's harder to remember those names cause you can't look up EK screens as easily. We had to take screens ourselves when someone died. Anyway, early nemesis 2 screens coming in a bit!
  7. TheGambler

    Screenshot/video Dump From 2006 On.

    (continued from previous post, said i reached image limit)
  8. TheGambler

    Screenshot/video Dump From 2006 On.

    For those keeping score, there is ONE elv in this screen. I got a kloness esterk from soloing a unicorn. I think it was the only kloness weapon drop in nemesis 1, the others had come from events. Also, anyone who played nemesis 1 and remembers this guy knows he was a scam artist. NIMDA <3 A truly massive raiding group. Yes, this is an X blade and an abby ring. How did they get there? Well, my guildmate Kefka had killed GUESSWHO as a criminal and he dropped those. Lucky day, huh? Who says mages can't tank TWs? The mere sight of this guild should make SOMEONE that remembers them laugh. Test mode madness. (my crim count went up to 300, but this is the last SS of it I could find) Also, in the last one, this guy got mad cause I killed him and tried to threaten me with bans.
  9. Long story short, I've been here an awfully long time. I started in late 2005. I could probably count on one hand the number of people that have played here longer than I have (that are still here, at least). Fortunately, I still have a lot of screenshots intact, so I thought I'd post a pile of them, and make some comments, like how things have changed since then or whatever. Also, keep the shitty comments out of my topic PLEASE. That said, here's some nemesis 1 stuff. An attempt at killing abby in the church. Didn't go that well :P One of those moments. Two things: First and most obvious, the map graphics. Second, 180 war with a wizard ms20. Back then, the only way you could get a DK wand was if your INT was higher than your STR, as far as I know. So those warriors that actually had a DK wand sure grinded for it. This might not mean anything to most, but it's funny to me just cause of the people involved in the screen. This was a joint apoc hunt between both towns, I think Donnie/Frost[GM] was leading the charge for most of it, with Hunter there as well. And what happened? It died, but every single person there crashed the moment it did. Soooo, we had this to make up for it. WELP You try to hunt, and then this happens. I wish I had better screens of this, but summon events with Hunter were madness/fantastic. I'll never forget when he summoned a mass amount of clairvoyant beholders.
  10. TheGambler

    Forum Names Of Guildmasters?

    TheGambler - FNDA
  11. TheGambler


    I guess it's time I weighed in on this. I don't know what's happened with sasfour, I'm hoping they do come back, but regardless, someone needs to move. Personally, I don't care who it is, but smaller is better for reasons that have already been stated by amon and ulez. Those reasons being that for one, a few good men can change the way a fight progresses. This will encourage other players to come out and fight as opposed to staying in town/hunt maps because they know they're going to be ganged up on. Secondly, why would you move a big guild? You're risking creating the same situation but in reverse. That would mean having to perform another switch, which I'm sure the staff doesn't want to make as is. By making a smaller switch you can effectively gauge the impact that is made and see how much of a difference it makes in that time zone. It's also less of a hassle for the staff.
  12. TheGambler

    Anti K

    the whole thing becomes infinitely more hilarious if you think of it as one big elaborate ruse
  13. TheGambler

    Crusade Commander Window Bug

    Okay, so during a crusade, the commanders get to see the locations of mana stones AND the locations of friendly/enemy bases. What I've been noticing is that when new structures are built, they do appear on the crusade window. However, when structures are destroyed, they don't simply disappear on the main window, leading one to think a structure is still standing. Or at least this is what I think is happening. As you can see, there appears to be some ares structure in the ares ogre pit (not sure why, but this is irrelevant), and when I get there, there is nothing. There's also some elv structures at the bottom stone, in the ares ww pit, but again, when I get there, there's nothing.
  14. TheGambler

    Sfbara Pulled ( Process )

    isn't it funny that the person making this topic is a puller himself?