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  1. Lewbowski

    Happy Birthday Cakes!

    Merry Bifday mi frend. I forgot you were a fellow Libra! no wonder You da man!!! Hope it was an awsome B-Day!!!
  2. Lewbowski

    Staff Getting Tired...

    the players who don't cause Problems, Never seem to Have problems... BAN the Morons!!
  3. Lewbowski

    Something I Am Wanting To Say For A Long Time

    I find it's a really good way to tell good players from good typers. B)
  4. Lewbowski

    African/trojan Men

    I don't know half the people involved in this little playground disturbance, but I Just call it like I see it, regardless of who you are. But I've been around here long Enuff that I can pretty Much speak my mind, and feel comfortable about it, even if I am informing someone of what Pathetic level they have reached. I've Always been a kinda no Bullshit guy. I walk what i talk . High Five right back atcha. B)
  5. Lewbowski

    African/trojan Men

    This post gets more Sad and Funnier every time i check it. Pretend this is Just a Game and get over it please. Just because someone does something you don't like, and apparently have no ability to better him in Game, So you Shout to the GM's on the Forums to make the world Just like YOU want it. If you had mentioned this to me in a conversation i would probably say " Yea Those guys are Dicks. Let's go Get them back." But it would be IN GAME. Them i would beat thier *censored* every time i saw them until I had thier respect. Not asking the almighty Gods win my Battles for me. But keep whining...... here's something you can try.... Create your own Country/Religion and call it Wyvern Hunters, and Then you can Say they are being Rascist too!! But PLEASE keep posting.... I'm bored....
  6. Lewbowski

    African/trojan Men

    lol... Please Ban anyone caught Laughing on the server. B)
  7. Lewbowski

    A Welcome To Our Chinese Friends Players

    welcome to the Coolest place in Cyber-Space. B)
  8. Lewbowski

    Ban Oldies What They Still Doing In Server

    ok I'd my two cents here. 1. HB isn't perfect. at the moment there is no fix for drop thieves. Stop expecting GM's to police something impossible. 2. IF there is a way to solve this, I'm sure it's being looked at, so while making a post like this may bring attention to the problem, It just creates a flame war. 3. I think some of you guys must be the most annoying people on the Planet in real life. you sound like Morons here, and you can stop yourself before hitting "Add Reply" on the Forums. You must bug the Crap out of people without that filter. 4. I'd go on, But I'd rather not go off topic. B) PS. USA server was and always will be a bunch of noobers.
  9. Lewbowski

    To Jappy

    I would actually go back to XP in a heartbeat, Because I don't care either way which OS I have, I Just don't Own a copy, and am too lazy to "Find" a copy, and I'm not going to buy it after i Just bought this Laptop. trade Zem for XP... and can I just install it over Vista.... Or do i have to reformat?
  10. Lewbowski


    See this is what i was talking about on the first page. There was a time 6 months ago, where GM's would baby players. Banning people for STUPID and PETTY insults. Now players have grown used to that and expect GM's to resolve all their issues with their magic wand. It shouldnt happen. I remember when "Banana" was considered a racial insult - I almost fooded my items and left over how pathetic that was. "fking arg" - There is a guild in elvine called Argenlandia - you may have heard of it, most players abbrevate that guild to "Arg". Most of the time when "fking arg" is mentioned it is in refernece to the guild name. The other reason why GM's probally dont do anything when you complain about insults, is because they know you are one of the two biggest loud mouths in elvine who abuse 24/7 and probally deserve everything you get. Dont dish it if you cant take it. Back on to the topic of Feedback. i dont care if 1 person tell me "fking arg" "taco" "mexican" "go peso$ poor" and these stupids tings.. u know vampyr, i dont care what they said... but they CARE... if i say "macaco" poor br" "fking br" or "yankee" gms bann me, mute me, and ALL things... thats my point. Don't Blame the GM's or Admin's because some Players are assholes. you can have them respond to every complaint about what who said what to whom, or you can grow up and ignore them. in MY experience the ones getting offended are Usually those harboring the most Hatred, But that's off topic. Look... Even I have asked GM's to mute someone for useing Vulger Language. But I'm not going to cry about it if the person gets away with it. That's life. Every GM we have is trying to help the Server. Stop complaining if your every wish isn't granted, or every name caller isn't muted. for every 1 person that says something is offensive, there are 10 who say it isn't, and Vise-Versa. Don't blame the GM's. They are doing an excellent job dealing with REAL issues, and also Trying to keep as many people happy as possible. Here's a free tip: I don't act like an *censored* when I play. Therefore, Ironically, I get along with the GM's and other players rather well. THINK about that once in a While, and lose the Hate. Fix Vista issues, and keep doing what you think is right for the server. it's gotten us this far..... B)
  11. Lewbowski

    Lewbowski's Comment

    Which means you were about 15 when I started playing HB. Now look at you. you're an incredible value to the Game. It's interesting, because at my age, I haven't changed much. But alot of the players have, Most for the Better! I didn't know many of you, But it's nice to see people who used to act like *censored*'s, control themselves and make the game more enjoyable. B)
  12. Lewbowski

    Lewbowski's Comment

    Excellent point Ocean. I've seen alot of "Kids" mature on this very server. and that does make "older" players feel more welcome. OK..... I'm not going anywhere. need to represent the O.G.'s ( Original Gammers). B)
  13. Lewbowski


    Well Scat, i hope the fact that I've been here for like 5 years says how I feel about Nemesis. No Server is Perfect, and every Player can't have things just the way they want it. Nemesis has created a good Balance between Popular Demand and what is good for Game Play. the GM staff right now is the Best the srever has ever had. Things get Done, and everyone seems trustworthy for once. I Sadly Regret I'm no longer a GM, Because there is such a good Staff, and The community has grown so well. If you could Fix the Vista Bug, I would Play much more, as i think alot of people are haveing issues with it. for people like me who have recently bought new computers Hopeing to Finally Play with some desent Hardware, only to find it's worse than on our Old computers. In a Nutshell, This server Rocks. I'm too old to be playing Video Games, Yet I cannot leave Nemesis. I know You will fix Vista Bug , so I'm Good for now. Just gonna finish my Coffee..... B)
  14. Lewbowski

    Best Guild

    Sorry i can't vote on this..... Damnation is Done. and as Far as I'm Concerned it was and always will be the Best.
  15. Lewbowski

    I Just Have To Boast

    yea i think i beat you by just a couple of months, Lew I went to college with the Mrs....we were married right out of highschool and went to univ together, so I had to behave myself. :lol: Ah yes..... But you Had a Woman in Your life..... No worries there! I remeber the Guys Next doot to me In College used to play Super Mario 24/7.At that Age WE had Better things to do with my time.Not to Mention The Graphics Sucked *censored*. But I think the Important thing to remeber here is this: Old Dogs Can Still Hunt. B)