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    Yea, but its not as appriciated as warrior\mage. you can't get hero archery armor can you? no :( its like the one of the 3 skills that got left out on chooseing day lol
  2. i dunno wether anyones noticed, but it seems like a pretty neglected thing :( Theres only 3 bows, no armors. and unsupriseingly nobody uses it. but with the new players alot of them want to become rangers, and its pointless. maybe we should change something to make rangeing a appriciated skill (like up the dmg on bows, and make some leather armor for rangers or something) ^_^
  3. Sha[GM]

    Server Time\est Time

    According to hunter server time is meant to be his local time (EST) but obviously somewhere along the line they have come out of sync :(
  4. Sha[GM]


    Yes, there was to little gold. What needs to happen is we need to wipe gold, then set drop rate of gold to normal, but drop quantity to like... slime - 1-5 gold snake - 1-25 gold scorp - 25-50 gold ice golem - 15-1500 gold hellclaw - 15-3000 gold TW - 15-5000 gold Wyvern - 15-7000 gold This is a much better way to set up and it'll make people want to skill more ^_^ Or somewhere similar to these marks
  5. Sha[GM]


    Agree'd :)
  6. I dunno wether anyone has noticed, but the server time is 23 minutes out of sync with where (i think) it should be at EST time Now the problem here, is that hunter holds his events to "Server time" when he is actually holding them to EST time (no problem with that) its just that the server time is 23 minutes faster than EST time, so most likely people will be going on the site, or checking with the bot to see what the time is. So hunter will start a event, 23 minutes later people will login wondering where hunters event is. I spoke with Nipon and Nipon said that the time was set by the FTP server, so whoever runs the FTP Server (maybe farjat but im not sure) could you please set the time so that people don't get confused :blink:
  7. Sha[GM]


    ok ^_^
  8. Sha[GM]


    1. Forum color might want to be changed, since it looks like its in aresdens colors (red) and no elvine :( Maybe you could make it red and blue, or use some diffrent colors ^_^ 2. What happened to "making a gold economy" ? everything was going good untill the gold switched back on :(
  9. Sha[GM]

    Your Gm Set

    i would also like my stats sorted :S
  10. Sha[GM]

    Your Gm Set

    I wouldn't mind elvine mage set and aresden warr set if its possible, and maybe a dk+15 wand :)
  11. Sha[GM]

    All Gms Read And Respond

    changed ... but personally i want this guy to login so i can get his ip and fry him :)
  12. Sha[GM]


    Wtf is up with the drop rate? nothing is dropping go to scorps and there is only scorpion pincers\meat... Zombies are pretty much the same... i killed like 20 ogres yesterday in the drops at all from them... Eh? :wacko:
  13. Sha[GM]

    Real Life Work Schedules

    I'm free most of the time, apart from maybe 2 hours on thursday\friday and sunday because im going to my mums\traveling home again :D
  14. Sha[GM]


    Ello, good idea :D