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    Tips About Regen Time

    no lol.. its always 22.3 seconds. server delay 2-3 sec ? wowow.. that would mean 2000-3000 ping lol. put up your own server for few mins and you see thats still 22.3 seconds, even tho your ping is 0. there is no time penalty on starving. you get worse recs only. and when you are starving to death you get no recs. TO farjat : tnx for this update, could we please get our ettin pit back now ? well, just for correct knowledge. Kyoko you are totaly wrong. Starving Penalty is true, and you can test easily. I dont know the reason why regen time is delay, maybe not of ping, but delay is there. DELAY:: HP:15sec->almost 16sec, MP:20sec->almost 23 sec, SP:10sec-> almost 13sec And about Amount of Regen....Its ALWAYS like these. HP: = floor(floor(floor(floor(MinLimit(1D(VIT),VIT/2))*blood)+food)*(1+HPR)) --- blood = 1 or 0.8 MP: = floor(1D(MAG)*(1+MPR)) SP: = floor(floor(1D(VIT/3))*(1+SPR)) Starving Ratio : 1~100 -1 per 60 sec I am talking these from server source code ( not Nemeis file but I think it works same in here) P.S. who are you Kyoko? who I knew was Asian. you talk like "that lamer" parkinzon.
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    1st Stage Updates Done

    lol Synz :wub: MP regen time is basically 20sec. server response 2-3sec delay. and if you are starving, worst regen time is 40sec. regen time = basic point ( HP:15sec, MP:20sec, SP:10sec) + starving penalty if starving ratio(1-100) =< 30, starving penalty = 30 - starving ratio if starving ratio =< 10 , no regen. is it really? if I was wrong, forgive me, coz I am F2 DK sword F3 ms20 noob. on topic: thx GMs for daily woking, I trust your GMs decision.
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    6 months... I thought it would come much more earlier that lvl-cap removing. bt its nice to hear . maybe I can play more, and enjoy playing with firends.hehe