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    Game Update 09/12/2015

    Changed: Clothing can now be properly statted and upgraded (using Stone of Merien) does this work with the DK robe and mj points too?
  2. aengis

    Mess In Warehouse

    agree with this, once you relog, somethings change the order; its quite a problem to keep in check what u have (at least we can use the web tool to check that, but its a pain to minimize everytime and log in the web just to do that)
  3. aengis

    No Me Puedo Conectar

    haz instalacion de 0 sin modificar files
  4. aengis

    Video Settings

    back in the day there was a tool to open it as a window instead of full screen to prevent this
  5. aengis

    Game Update 7/11/2015 - Nemesis Guilds Beta

    missions are not working.... neither the kill X number of monsters in X map (d3 mission is the one i tryed, with every monster i could find), or the kill X monster in X map (for example: frosts in icebound) drop in ML is off the charts O_O, less than 10 min and i got 1 xel, 1 mer, 1 stated bbh(right hp42) and 1 stat giant sword (agile rep7) edit: the small trees option in the launcher doesnt work with icebound trees
  6. aengis

    Game Update 7/11/2015 - Nemesis Guilds Beta

    another weird thing: the ek's and contri needed for the hero set is really weird, and becomes crazy depending if you have the screen of the mission open... here some screens: and once you press the "OK" button, it turn back to the previous numbers
  7. aengis

    Game Update 7/11/2015 - Nemesis Guilds Beta

    i've already posted it in the facebook group, but i'll post it here too just in case... its a small thing in a mid-H server, but with a 200CHR player, and being the held winner / no heldenian ; you can buy 100 arrows at 50 something gold, and sell every arrow on its own for 1 gold.... with a macro /bot people can get free gold edit: and something im not sure if its a bug or not since i've neber tryed it in golden era or banana.... the lava golems once you start using the axe on the corpses, they dissapear in 8 secs aprox (using the clock of the berserk buff); aprox 12 swings of the pick axe. at the web the guide says that you need 80% of minning... with 80% you get nothing since they are way too hard, you need between 85 and 90 to start minning something (about 2-3 coal-iron or 1 mithral in that time)
  8. aengis

    New Update?

    the facebook group is more active than the forum, visit it if you can :D
  9. aengis

    Spooky News...

    sure and map should be pvp off
  10. aengis

    Spooky News...

    is that d2?
  11. aengis


    alguien sabe alguna pagina decente de la que bajar ebooks?
  12. aengis

    Nemesis Ventrilo Server

    what version are u using farjat?
  13. aengis

    Nemesis Ventrilo Server

    nope, not working :/
  14. aengis

    The Next Big Update, What Do You Want?

    just some ideas for pvp tournaments: A)1 vs 1; 2 diferent branches-ares vs ares and elvs vs elvs with a common final champion but boh get same prize for being the champ of their city, and a "simbolic" extra to the winner B) mages vs mages, warriors vs warriors, same as A (maybe a 3rd tree for Bmages) C)FFA but diferent arena for each city, without being able to see the nick, so guilds cant work together ( can add random monsters) D)guild representatives... each guild can chose up to 2 characters to fight ( guild must be lvl 3 or 4 min), then fight both citys together (if some1 won A or B, they have a free pass even if they have no guild) E)low lvl => ffa between lvls 60-69/70-79/80-89/90-100/101-110/111-120 ( free choice of weapons, but bs armor/manuf armor, no stated armors , rings, angels, necks or gems)
  15. aengis

    State Of Helbreath Nemesis

    what really has to change is the people actitude.. since always the usual hb player actitude sux.... and it seems than after so many years, it didnt change; only a few really help other people, the rest just insult or criticize for free
  16. aengis

    Skill Quests!

    i posted something similar a month or so ago.... get 50% or more % on manuf / alchemy, get coals or irons as reward :D (or alchemy ingredients)
  17. aengis

    Balance Warr Dmg Vs Mage Dmg

    sure, as if strips worked well vs dk armors a mage can hit and hit and hit and when he is out of mana, he only has to chug mana pots to repeat... there are no crit pots. a mage has range, he is always away from the warrior, he only has to keep the distance, and 50 dex does more than 100mr... ( 100% shield on mages sux)
  18. aengis

    Balance Warr Dmg Vs Mage Dmg

    i think that it will be more fun making shields depend of VIT not STR... or a mix of both... like: u need 140 or 150 vit to wear a tower shield or 120vit and 130/104 str
  19. aengis

    Balance Warr Dmg Vs Mage Dmg

    ^this guy has some nice ideas
  20. aengis

    Server Changing Host Soon.

    from 180 now to 130 in that ip, not bad
  21. aengis

    Balance Warr Dmg Vs Mage Dmg

    cant find the neck/ ring section.... still i like the thing they did with MIM => 1X1 fede and 99% of the times, at top lvl dk/bs items, a mage wins without doubt vs a war
  22. aengis

    Manu Stuff

    moha and im talking about the actual configuration of nemesis files confirmed by white several times in this forum
  23. aengis

    Manu Stuff

    actually yes, the min damage bonus for each 20% more than 100 is active... and no moha, its not like a +8, since the max dmg never goes up for being manuf no idea about the hp
  24. aengis

    Are There Any Viable 200 Vit Builds?

    200 vit is not an option without rares or OP stated weapons+ armors ( in pvp), but u can use a full tank to defend the 2nd heldenian map.
  25. aengis

    Counterbalance To Freeze For Warriors V Mages.

    the problem is that if u dont use bh/bbh is almost impossible to kill a mage... and if the mage have 2 hands and its 180, even with that its imposible :P