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  1. dude

    What Happend With Server?

    Check for 20 people online? Swt.
  2. dude

    What Happend With Server?

    The point is this game is too old alredy. Outdated. Most of my friend are playing new game now.so no matter how u improve the game.people still left. Btw cheers karri. Mindy here =)
  3. dude

    Instant Level 180 Added.

    dk15 is pro weapon?i think no,its just a rubbish+ useless sword.People wont use dk for fight.
  4. dude

    Instant Level 180 Added.

    Fragile or corrupted item rune this server.
  5. dude

    Dead Or Alive (Reset)

    pelase bring nemesis alive OR Reset the server and make it fresh. im so tired of this, everyday i log in and only saw 10~20 ppl. and 1 more Important thing,there is no gm online for manage ticket or event,so if u guys want to bring back those people u must atleast log in and arrange some event like pvp,gvg event act.
  6. as topic said...make a event like GvG event, so ppl might come back and play...
  7. dude

    Activation Weapon

    Xelima rapier cooldown = 80 minute Xelima Blade cooldown = 40 minute Xelima Axe = ? (i havent try so i dont know xD) Ice Sword = 20 minute (i guess its normal) Please Check and fix if that is a bug , THX!
  8. dude

    Any Staff

    "Mouth" lolss
  9. +1 fyw721 totally argee with u ;)
  10. dude

    Custom Music Folder

    Watch "Final Fantasy VIII OST - Only a Plank Between One and Perdition" on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxxL3Ta_PDY&feature=youtube_gdata_player Or this.
  11. dude

    Custom Music Folder

    Watch "Final Fantasy VIII OST - The Landing" on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95OItFxLm9U&feature=youtube_gdata_player This one for middleland. The best soundtrack.
  12. dude

    V5.39 Patch September 2012

    nice work!
  13. dude

    Event For Fragile Excaliber

    How about the event? Did mindy/doli and dono win the event?
  14. dude

    [Event] Spring Guild Vs Guild Pvp Tournament !

    Team 1 : [High-HB] Leader - Mindys Member 1 - Dol+i Member 2 - HanNa Member 3 - PinkLady Member 4 - GooS Bench Member - Aman Bench Member- Mr-Popo Team 2 : [High-HB] Leader - garyfung Member 1 - Crazyness Member 2 - BiDam Member 3 - Ashley Member 4 - Mao Bench Member- Smacking Bench Member - JoHnsoN Online Time:9.00am~12.00pm =Monday~Friday also Sunday/ 9.00am~2pm=Saturday.
  15. dude

    Aresden Map Down 11/03/2012 [Fixed]

    aresden map down again xd
  16. dude

    [Fixed] Connection Lost!

    man, aresden map down again.
  17. dude

    [Fixed] Connection Lost!

    aresden map down.
  18. dude

    Manu Bbh

    there is 1 bbh+5 in elv.
  19. dude

    About The New Guild System

    Other is ok,juz put it ,guild member can join=unlimited. +1
  20. dude

    Nemesis Portal Updated !

    So beholder drop neck of beholder nw?