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    Next Patch 5.22 Features

    I think bbh should hit harder because dk15 got better zerk hits (no crits) than bbh. You need +70 str than a dk15 so you get lot less vit and it doesn't rewards at all to do that sacrifice.
  2. Nexus2

    Next Patch 5.22 Features

    I agree in increase the drop rate I've been playing for a long time now and it's very hard to get good items, and I've got lot of sterks from ettins. About stated bbh I don't know how much they can hurt, but I think is cool. Trade majestics could be ok too.
  3. Nexus2

    Forum Contest 2 Poll!

    Thanks boys
  4. Nexus2


    nice idea
  5. Nexus2

    Forum Contest 2 Poll!

    I was thinking on suggest it when I would get fh xD I think that one of the problems of hellbreath is the long time that you got to spend to get a good pj and the worst is that you are exposed at a totally random system drop that maybe never give you a good prize. I think that it should get thinks to make up the good players and that could be hero arms.
  6. Nexus2

    Play In Pl?

    Pl no juega nadie ya dado q se sube a 140 en 30 min asi que yo de ti subiria a 180 un pure war si quieres war xq con otro build no aras nada sin items en 1 semana que juegues cada dia o 2 como muxo ya eres 180
  7. Nexus2

    Reuse Pl

    Well I was reading another topic and when it appeared the word PL I thought why not to tell another use to PL?? In consequence of fast lvl off barracs till 140 PL is not used. We could open this map for 180 players and add new pits or make a hunter map. I think you can tell your ideas here.
  8. Nexus2

    Forum Contest 2!

    I took it from google it was the most impressive I saw
  9. Nexus2

    Forum Contest 2!

    Item name: hero sword Effect: extremely high dmg Dropped by: nobody 1000eks Dmg: 4d10+2 Attributes: 200 str to fs Story: When the first of the old wars between ares and elvine break out, the master of certain aresden clan went to the cold mountains of ib. There was a blacksmith that spend his life to find a new aliage of mithrall. The master tell him to create the final weapon. The blacksmith created an awsome and powerful sword that changed the way of the war in favor of Ares.
  10. Nexus2

    Pvp And Pvm Mode

    I don't like that at all
  11. Nexus2

    Why Lag?

    I got the same speed and no lag, in addition angels don't decreases my frames.
  12. Nexus2

    What Do U Know About Taming?

    That sounds really good to me maybe u could do another skill with that or add that in crafting or something(taming apart).
  13. Nexus2


    I cant use rep command don't know if I m the only one
  14. Nexus2


    Map names of buildings are wrong
  15. Nexus2

    Update Soon !

    I'm very excited with the new update :rolleyes:
  16. Nexus2

    Clean Ig And De

    Well I hate going to toh3 at darkelf pit and had to recall cause it's full of gg and beholder, then sometimes I'm training at ig and the lured frost returns and I have to waste time to lure another time. I prupose to delete these monsters and leave only de and ig in their own pit Hope you enjoy my idea ;)
  17. Nexus2

    Dkhelm's Sprite For Next Update

    wings rules
  18. Nexus2

    Hat And Cap For Mages

    Well, I was checking the drop list of monsters and I saw that there's no Hat and Cap drops in addition there is no Dk Hat for mages and I think that like wars they should get those drops and dk in the same conditions. In the other hand I got a dk+15 war and I think that the damage of the criticals is not balanced with the dk+15 wand. Some people can think that those things makes equality, but I thing no they are different things.
  19. Nexus2

    Hat And Cap For Mages

    I think dk15 crits should be increased a bit I don't pretend to get 120 dmg per hit. Then a helm needs 52 str to be equipped and mages normally use 40 str. Let me tell you, for my taste helm is very bad looking ;)
  20. Nexus2

    About Selling Accounts On Forum

    In my opinion I think it's not fair that someone that has never played on the server could buy a char fh + full items and other people is trying to make a good PJ with his own dedication and sacrifice. I think GMs should restrict and close that kind of topics to aboid those kind of sales.
  21. Nexus2

    Exp Event For Level -179

    I think you should do that event every week
  22. Nexus2

    Summon Event?

    Hi, I was looking at the calender and I hadn't seen any summon event. There are no summon events any more???? when are they made???? :wacko: