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  1. FFW

    Please Bring Back The Ettin Pit!

    Just increase the spawnrate of ettins in ml abit, and by alot in sw. That would do, no pit required actually.
  2. FFW


    Minimaps dont match thee actual town layout
  3. joe is half polish.. he cant be racists
  4. Please come back, ill treat you good !
  5. FFW

    Please Bring Back The Ettin Pit!

    In that case make it 2 ettin spawn in ml far left isle and 2 lice spawn in d3 far left area. :)
  6. FFW

    1 Thing

    Worst suggestion ever..
  7. FFW

    Kill A Gm Event! August 21st!

    Thank you very much for the event ! Could you list all the drops plz ?
  8. FFW

    Lag In A Week

    avarage, facing the good side
  9. FFW

    Dkhelm's Sprite For Next Update

    any shine takes my fps down! +1 for non shiny things
  10. FFW


    Im a lucky bastard, spent max of 8 mil gold on lottery and got lots of stones, good pots and rare parts. Although i spend like 4 $ for lottery weekly irl and in 4 years ive got the money back x 2.
  11. FFW

    An Equation For Working Out Ping?

    Im just glad i got better ping than farjat ( varies from 120 - 180 ) and i live lots of thousands more miles away from USA. although i have noticed that CLEAN PC makes you run much much much more faster :D
  12. FFW

    Lag In A Week

    I have lags usually on wednesdays and thursdays. Server restarts are held on fridays, so after that gets all clean and smooth for me. Probably too much drops and such are making server lag a bit. Would really want to see the 10min droptimer for the server, it might help with the lag. Ping is usually bout 130 to 180 and im from estonia.
  13. FFW

    Abby Drops#2

    We had 100% droprate at the start tho :P
  14. FFW

    Sadetype Enemy Marks Always

    I like the idea. Turn on / off option could be implemented with "high details" option.
  15. FFW

    Dkhelm's Sprite For Next Update

    Thumbs up for the black wings