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  1. Derkse

    To White Gm

    As the original derkses user i can say things havent changed that much. Im rarely active due to work and study. I used to fight outnumbered with sasfour. Now ares has to adjust kn fighting outnunbered as elvines have done the last 3 month. Compensate ur zem loss with wyv hunt and stop whine or do more pvm
  2. Problem is same as always. Most people that play hb are now 25+. Need work and can only play 2 hours max a day. On the other hand there are some game junkys that play 24/7. Imo make a account lock set around 5 hours a day to stop major imbalance between players..;)
  3. Derkse

    Just In - Poseidon Pulls

    Flaming and insulting are 2 different things. And no i didn't admit anything. i just concluded that you try to insult people with trisomy 21 also known as down syndrome. Flame all you want. Just stop insulting its childish
  4. Derkse

    Just In - Poseidon Pulls

    That's cute you took a screenshot, trying to do what I did to you... Only problem is I'm not a little bitch like you poseidon :( End of story. Hell, If he had died for every time he pulled, he probably would have quit by now. You cannot know the alternative outcome in a timeline where poseidon didn't cheat, therefore you remove them all, plain and simple. Calling names; Little bitch, making fun of people with down syndrome.. i think its time for some forum vacation for ulez!
  5. Derkse

    Another Rare

    I have no sleeping "schedule" so you could see me on at any given hour. As for my guild, we are spread out weakest at 7-10AM server. I've only seen IE in battle twice, and SB once (both UmadBro.) ? :(
  6. Derkse

    Just In - Poseidon Pulls

    80% of ares pulls when in trouble.. I have seen survivors pull 2-13 and anti-k. Stop cry. If GM would ban all pulers this server would be even dead faster (from the 100 active now to 50)
  7. Derkse

    Kering Macro Lamer

    i think it's lame All macro systems should be banned from game. AFK and active
  8. Derkse

    Kering Macro Lamer

    Kering using macro for all /pf in game (general chat show when he fail to do it right, list of names contains over 30 person) If some1 teach me how to post screen i will do it here. Otherwise for confirmation i can e-mail GM. Please warn/do something about it. Thnx!
  9. Derkse

    Trading Rubbish

    Berk for mp21 leather w?
  10. Happens when in party. Relog and reparty and you should be fine. Happend to me 2x. But resolved after steps mentioned above.
  11. Derkse


    Wars whining... All have BBH+3 and easy exp in CF pit! Mages are free ek's so far in this start week. Just wait until mages have dk set with Mshield, then you can start to complain ^^
  12. Derkse

    Toh 3 Teleport Pad To Dc Bugged

    5. when standing up you get slapped 1 box from original place and it says -76 (without receiving any damage though)
  13. Bug report 1. TP in toh3 is set to town in stead of drunkencity. (*edit, DC is down probably that is why recall to town) 2. Auto relog bugged when DC and keeping left mouse button pressed (because left mouse button is pressed it automatically selects another in game character on selection overview. Game keeps trying to login and keeps failing. In the end i need to shutdown helbreath client in task control (ctrl alt delete). 3. High amount of lag and bumps in TOH compared to ML map. 4. not able to select middle TP(front ch) pad with ctrl+click in elvine map 5. when using pretend corps, if someone stands on top of you, you get slapped with 76 damage without receiving the damage. 6. Selling spells in mage shop without gold in bag gives 0 gold back. With gold in bag it works fine 1 question: Invisibility and poison etc stay active when moving from area to area for example town to ml. This intended or a bug?
  14. Derkse

    [Fixed] Minor Bug Angel

    Not being able to rechange skill points when angel is on. It is listed as changed but when you take off the angel all skills are set as they where before.
  15. Derkse

    Suggestions Regarding Marketplace Items

    Guess you have never played nem 2 before.. 1 vs 1 its hard 3 vs 1 with some skilled players you will make enough EK's With 10 second hit to recall time / log off only while standing still it will work out fine.