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    $$Elling Everything

    $$elling everything thru this market or auction house. TARGE mr56 MS20 CP18 MS10 CP15 HP91 RM10 NECK MR56 BERK W ZEM x 1 DM3 NECK BBH+3 PM
  2. DEADLINE: 2d 20h 34m Light(16%) Targe Shield MR+56% Special(CP+18%) Magic Wand(MS20) Special(CP+15%) Magic Wand(MS10) HP+91% Magic Necklace(RM10) Strong(21%) Hauberk(W) MR+56% Zemstone of Sacrifice Barbarian Hammer+3 agic Necklace(DM+3)
  3. Sharp War Axe HP+42% Strong(14%) Targe Shield HP+49% Strong(28%) Targe Shield MR+49% Tower Shield+2 Special(CP+3%) Magic Wand(MS10) HP+70% Magic Wand(M.Shield) Magic Wand(M.Shield) Magic Necklace(RM10) Emerald Ring Light(16%) Leather Armor(W) MR+21% Zemstone of Sacrifice Zemstone of Sacrifice Zemstone of Sacrifice Strong(14%) Horned Helm(W) DR+21% CritInc(+2%) Horned Helm(W) PR+21% An Ancient Piece of Stone An Ancient Piece of Stone An Ancient Piece of Stone An Ancient Piece of Stone An Ancient Piece of Stone An Ancient Piece of Stone An Ancient Piece of Stone Direction Bow+3 Emerald Ware Angelic Pendant of Dexterity+3
  4. Agustin

    Sell War Elv W 100+ Eks

  5. Agustin

    Sell War Elv W 100+ Eks

    dex+3 emmy ring dm3 dk6 wand dk12 + 24 mps bbh3 directbow3 pd50gs tower+2/mshield mr56berk/21leather/56shield/rm10neck hp21hoses/56shield sharp warX hp42 horns dr21 MISC: plenty of zems in wh 50+ SPGPS some Meriens/Xelimas crit5hp70 flam dr21 cic2 berk M cic5 wood mr/hp 49 shields halloween hat ADD: mass items in auction house (they can be given with acc, also got some cash in auction house) whisper for info.
  6. Agustin

    Suggestions For Spells

    give dragon balls to cajun mojo so he can revive for free and stop dropping zems LOL
  7. Agustin


    FNDA would be great, but they dont play in out timezone, so its the same shit.. antiK must go elv
  8. Agustin

    Town Balance.

    antiK to elv
  9. Agustin

    Little Trade List

    2 merien for plate mr21W?
  10. Agustin

    Manu Stuff

    i thought OP was overpowered,
  11. Agustin

    Trade List

    dame ese wings mr W
  12. Agustin

    Ninja Pro Eker ! Jajajajajjajajajaja

    he migh be near a safe idk, but coords are diff
  13. Agustin

    Another Rare

    ban pullers plz. im tired of this.
  14. Agustin

    Just In - Poseidon Pulls

    no te vayas camilaculaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa