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    lol and the lack of people? this has to be the biggest fail server ever...
  2. Gucci


    your retarded.. your first server must of been a private server.. if you played a real helbreath server you'd know why things are they are. and why now in a private server world most of it doesn't equate out. for example- THERE IS NO REASON IT SHOULD TAKE MORE THEN ONE DAY TO HIT 180-. 1. goldies get killed over and over and dissapear- 2. people get bored with their main and dont want to spend 1 week or 2 weeks leveling a character- (which is why i char share instead of making a mage i work to much to deal with that) 3. people want to experiment with characters (bmages and such) Those "ns" items, sabres etc are there because in an x1 exp server you'd actually use them cuz you stick to the weapon level range much longer. In nemesis you don't cuz you all want 180 on character creation. SP stat is compared to HP more worthless, reducing or adjusting the Stamina formula would make them useful, but then everyone will complain they got no SP. PR should be more useful now against PR weapons, but still feel compared to MR/MA/HP it's still not enough, maybe PR should hit much harder than it does now, a better/higher scaling formula perhaps... Strong weapons is also another thing, more endurance on weapons and armors (what strong gives you) should aid in battle, but as endurance decrement is insufficient/too low it rather makes those type of items worthless. A solution would be to adjust the formula so more endurance is lost when fighting. so you see my point.. this isnt a 1x exp server ... and 180 on creation isnt necssary but the way its set now, if you play 1hour a day it'd take almost 2 -3 weeks to hit 180. this has a HUGE negative affect- like earlier stated it keeps people in the goldie stages longer, demotes player morale people love making exper chars majs should be hard to get , not level 180. I would of made a plate mage and played around but leveling is a pain in the *censored*- it shouldnt be, majs should to reap the full benefit of a 180 char. SP is useless no one carries a sp set because of space, you dont need to reduce the stamina formula, just get rid of SP it's a waste of drops, or only keep it as sheilds not armours- PR is in the same boat to me i really only see Poison weapons used to keep people from recalling- but you dont see people carrying PR sets, they just us 100% PR skill. critical ,strong ,psn weapons should be upgrade with no loss of item up to +5 obv after +3 the % should be really low to the point you may have to use 20-30 (maybe 50-100) x stones sharp should stay to +3 no stat armour drops should be non existent- 7% should be the lowest BBH strip is over powered for only 18 point diff from BH- huge diff in strip prob
  3. Gucci


    White - a NS to armour to me is a armour without HP , PA, MA , etc.. what is the point of a armour dropping with no stats whatsoever ? why do demons drop potions? why do demons drop no stat armours? what use is a sp84 sheild? sp 49 hoses? other then annoying the person getting the drop- I think PR should only be on shields and not armours i'm still debating on why sabres , broad swords and such still drop too- i can't think on the top of my head of any one who used them what is the use of Strong weapons? especially since u cant upgrade it.. so what is the diff between a strong baxe and a black smith baxe? a few endurance?
  4. Gucci

    So Whats The Plan Gm Team?

    farjat and white who play 1 hour every 2 months say they know whats best for the server--- result 50 people online... smh
  5. Gucci

    Employments, Jobs.

    Quality Coordinator at a steel supply company called Alro Metals
  6. Gucci

    Strong Items, Chat Maps, Party Cap Size

    I mean sharp- added damaged , anc - added damage, light affects str but can still be +3d, poison can be +3'd, so whats the reason strong can't?
  7. Gucci

    Strong Items, Chat Maps, Party Cap Size

    my chat takes about 3-4 hours to fill up if i disable guild chat lol. nobodies talking
  8. Before i criticize these things I want to know if the is any logical reason behind it... Why can't strong items be upgraded to +3? Strong only adds endurance correct? endurance on weapons is really not kind of advantage or issue. Is it possible to link Town and middle land maps? it's suck trying to trade items - What is the reason behind cap'ing party ?
  9. Gucci

    Instant Level 180 Feature

    isnt that what most do with majs?
  10. Gucci

    Instant Level 180 Feature

    how about creating stat change scrolls? Lvl 1 - 100 stat points , lvl 2 200 or so you can change to however u see fit, make it drop from drags. or sell it in shop
  11. Thats a smart man! you've got someone behind me shooting ESW another one chasing me with SB, 2 anc bh's critting me down and i don't even have a hp14 armour? yea im going to keep playing......
  12. also this "fruit" term needs to go away, hb is a 15 year old game and you fools are trying to keep it that way. bring in the green hats, bring in the colored armour, make your shit unique. thats why server openings have 300 people, and then what? they realize its the same freaking shit they played 8 years ago. and if you don't believe me do what you did like Arg server, make a "fruit" side server and you'll see what attracts the mosts players for longevity, at this point if this "other" server made some major changes i think this would die out. this server is 2 months old averaging 80 players ... and if you think im blowing smoke most of this stuff comes from my job as a Quality Coordinator, im the liason between overhead management and employees. employees want better conditions, management is cheap>> result? higher turn over ratio. so if 60% of the sever is saying the drops are a problem , i think you should listen.
  13. oh but 2 sbs? Esw? gbh? lol but no 21 sets? and i said 7 you said 21. but w.e but you think a story line will get ppl back? SMFH
  14. lol do you think these "unlucky" guys are just going to be like ok im unlucky let me hunt for another 3 months for a hp7 berk? NOPE they quit which is why there is freaking 90 people on. it is not fine. im not worried about high drops , im worried about the distrubition of smaller drops 7-28 which help people hunt/fight/create diff stats. ask someone who starts a mage do you think they will play more often with a mp7 set vs no set? that mp7 set makes a night and day difference yet is very little expense to the server. the drops are not fine.
  15. I'm sure most of you notice alot of the time we're down to under 100 players on- Some suggestions PR and SP armour (berk hoses etc) should be dropped by small monsters - Magic orcs, snakes, golems etc. remove PR and SP drops from monsters like demons ettins gg's hc's tw's , a tw does not drop daggers, sabres and crap so why should it drop a sp7 shield? (server should choose if hellhounds trolls icegolems should drop PR or SP) Make armour items 7%-21% common items and 28%+ "rares" - it shouldn't take 2 months to get a hp14 berk, it's retarded. Along with this No stat armour drops should be removed also. why? they're *censored*ing useless- atleast make the minimum drop 7% . why? it helps newer players with stats , leveling and pvp'ing- everyone knows hb drop rate is biased and not fair. people can hunt 20 hours and get 4 ns armours and someone can hunt 10 mins and get 35% items. also getting drops with some kind of use builds morale and promotes hunting. Anyone have anything else to suggest?