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  1. Hamurabi

    Last Airbender- Event Idea

    Sounds interesting. I like the show, I actually just finished the whole thing...lol
  2. Hamurabi

    Hunter, Are You Alright?

    I hope so, I miss seeing him in game.
  3. Hamurabi

    Im Baaack

    Ha, I saw Gooch on and was wondering who was using him. Nice to have you back...especially in elv
  4. Hamurabi

    Beginner Zone

    I logged into my account and created a new player. When i tried to get on that new player it told me I couldn't. So I logged out of the character select screen. Logged back into the account and I got in fine.
  5. Hamurabi

    Bss Drop?

    Are you sure? White's post in one of the update threads said: Black Shadow Sword drops FIXED (Dropped by: Demon, Unicorn, Hellclaw, Tigerworm, Gargoyle, MasterMage-Orc, Earth Dragon, Poison Dragon, Lightning Dragon and Illusion Dragon) Of the ones that have dropped, what dropped them?
  6. Hamurabi

    Chr Spells?

    There are no CHR based spells on this server
  7. Hamurabi

    No More Gms

    I have been seeing GMs around. Sometimes on characters and sometimes on GMs. The question I have is, how is Hunter? I have not seen him in a while and I hope he is doing alright.
  8. Hamurabi

    Im A Noob...so?

    hehe, +1 I often die with pots in my bag too...sometimes I just forget to chug.
  9. Hamurabi

    180.. And What Next?

    1)Yes there is an intelligence angel so you could upgrade an INT angel to +5 and get MIM. But, keep in mind, if you remove the angel you will lose the spell and need to buy it again once the angel is equipped. 2) Yes you can get 700eks and get the warrior hero armor. However if you do not have the strength needed to wear it then it is not much use. 3)Once you reach 180 you have the ability to change your stats. You can use 1 majestic to change a level worth of stats (3 points). So if you wanted to lower your magic to 180 you would need 7 majestics. Or if you got the warrior hero set you could increase your strength and become a battlemage.
  10. Hamurabi


    Nice, looking forward to seeing you in game
  11. Hamurabi

    2 Guildmaster

    What if you don't allow the disband while there are items in the guild wh? If the only person that can disband the guild is the guildmaster and the guildmaster has access to all the items anyway they should be a trusted person in the guild. So worst case scenario the guildmaster has to remove all the items to his wh and then distribute to the owners. The same responsibility is still on the guildmaster and members but this way nothing will be delelted.
  12. Hamurabi

    Iten Evento

    Now that's an awesome prize. Wish I wasnt working so I could attend this event. Good Luck to everyone!
  13. Hamurabi

    Question About Shields

    Indeed, you're correct on thisone right here. a High DR is good for pvp & lower level mobs (rh/sw/graden training), but for higher mobs, such as demons or GG's, PA is WAY better then DR. Though PA is one of the HARDEST sets to build, as EVERY piece needs to be high enough for your set to be effective. Excalibur + shield would be THE BOMB for demon hunting :D Good & fast damage while having high defense from the shield is awesome to play with. That's why I <3 excalibur soooooooo much :D How can you have a PA set? I thought PA did not stack like MA, so you can only have one piece of PA? Thanks
  14. Hamurabi


    Here are a few more ideas: - Have the ability to manufacture plate leggings. Then if you can add if you can add basic stats to armor it would be even better. - Shield Spikes - Add a spike to an existing shield. It will slightly increase the defense of the shield. - Make a weapon that can only be manufactured. Cannot be bought in the blacksmith and is not dropped by anything. Does not have to be rare quality but a little better than a blacksmith item. Make it require metals, gems, and alch parts (like leather, claws, or teeth) - Change shields - be able to change the type of shield. For example, you have a mp35 wood shield. You can use manufacturing to change it to a mp35 targe shield. To do this you need to use a merian stone, gold nuggets, ogre leathers, and targe shield. As with crafting if you fail there is a chance to break any of the items. Also you can only upgrade the shield once. So change a wood to targe or an iron to a lagi.
  15. Hamurabi

    Network Traffic

    I have also been experiencing an unusual amount of lag the past few days.