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  1. BlindSide

    Pink Dye Event

    Its all good, just let me take the dye off your hands and problem solved :)
  2. BlindSide

    To Marian/fede

    What up derkse, whats up jing??
  3. BlindSide

    Christmas Event

    farjat, im gonna make you an offer you cant refuse.
  4. BlindSide

    Sade Bugged.

    what he ^ said.....
  5. BlindSide

    So This Is What Happened...

    inactive rares dont mean shit, or ares would have just as many.
  6. BlindSide

    So This Is What Happened...

    Mushu is inactive, hwarang guild sluts the zwand around to get everyone full hero so it seems like they all have zwand.
  7. BlindSide

    So This Is What Happened...

    the kaxe isnt active and SLYONE rarely ever plays. Someone is always on the cancel mage, I think it does alot more damage than any other rare you could possibly have.
  8. BlindSide

    Some Ideas To Improve Gameplay

    that is a completely different time, yes you can get fh war if theres noobs running around that arent 180 and there were alot more people playing in those days. I also think that there should be more events, as of lately it seems like there have been small events, nothing really big in the past 2 weeks or so. Maybe I just missed them.
  9. BlindSide

    Apocalypse Portal And Dk

    I agree. if I para a mage and crit with bbh2 dm5 and rod 18 times and he has 107 vit he should die....
  10. very nice farjat thanks for the update.
  11. BlindSide

    Fast Exp And Perm Raid

    agreed but elvine is dieng because of unlegit cancel mages and overpopulation of ares.
  12. BlindSide

    What Would You Trade For Cancel Manual?

    yeah I love fighting eld0n and a huge hoard of mages in crusades. Its soo great having 10v1 and getting cancelled on top of that, yes it is awesome.
  13. BlindSide

    Happy Thank's Giving Guy's!

    happy thanksgiving, yes I ate a ton of food.
  14. BlindSide

    Make Barracks Normal Exp.

    fads? not really a fad dude, thats where most players train.
  15. BlindSide

    More Players

    good idea, advertisiment would definately help. maybe on some gaming forums. Ill try some advertising.