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  1. OuterHeaven

    Game Update 7/11/2015 - Nemesis Guilds Beta

    I would like to see some new char builds, you can add all this stuff, but in the end will be the same builds as always, it would be fun (al least for me) to see max stats 250 or 300, that would change a little bit how PvP goes, i think HBKorea went for max stat 300 and max lvl 200, maybe max lvl200 its too much because of the low population, but higher stats would be something different to try.
  2. OuterHeaven

    Nemesis 3 Server Down!

    haha a few years ago Golden Era would have been a really fruity server, now its a "low" server (even for me Golden Era its fuity), times change
  3. OuterHeaven

    Game Update 07/11/2014

    well... the updates are great, but sadly now I think it doesn´t worth become a Plate Mage... the difference between chain and plate are less than before and those extra 60 stats maybe are better in dex, i think its time to test again... I really hope that in the updates you are considerating that in this game the player can create a lot more tipes of character than the ussual clones, because for what i see not all the DK parts were nerfed by the same ammount (%), the plate is not just for wars, also for bmage, plate mages, support mages.
  4. OuterHeaven

    Halloween Party Quests

    That is not the main problem, in this many years in the HB community always that a server is wiped or re-opened it has a lot of population, all the old players feels nostalgic and come back and the active players feels attraction for a fresh start and change server, but after 1 or 2 months the nostalgic players start to retired again and the active players return to their servers. It happened with Nemesis Argentina and The Golden Era and with many other servers. In case of Olympia maybe is more attractive now because its max lvl 140 and is something different for us who has been playing a lot of time in 180/200 (even HB Korea changed the max stats and max lvl), you will see when Olympia open their new version it will have a lot of population, but wait a few months after and you will see that population will fall and people will come back here or retire, its always been that way. So... you can have the best updates and feature, but you will always be affected for the new openings and new version, mostly of the most popular servers. PD: I think soon "HB USA" will close, so maybe its a opportunity to attract those players.
  5. OuterHeaven

    Helbreath Banana Info

    I think its a good idea forcing the PvP a little, maybe just have the cities, ml, gardens and apoc maps. As said above with the exp so high you don´t need a lot of maps for training without being bored, making the experience a little different from the Golden Era one
  6. OuterHeaven

    How Do I Get To The New Beta Server?

    ehmmm.... no, if so it would make the original nemesis useless dont you think? xD you share accounts and you have the same chars as in nemesis, but what you get in every server is independent
  7. OuterHeaven

    Dk Robe

    I searched in website, but i couldn´t find information about DK Robe. It require 15 or 20str?? (i found both requirements by google) And by the way, i´m having problems minimizing de mini map, i don´t know why i can´t do it. I tried in another server, but it just happen here and i remember have played at the start of neme 3 and didt´n have this problem. Thanks..
  8. OuterHeaven

    What Happend With Server?

    In nemesis 1 players had no say... it ran great for its life time. In nemesis 2 players had no say... it ran great for its life time and after 5 years+ of being online a reset was due... Then everything changed (when the fire nationattacked) when we started to listen to players.... In nemesis 3 players HAVE a say... and it's running "not so good"... (no need to hide truth) So yeah, once we gave the players a say, and made them what they wanted with their promise that "people will return" ... but look for yourself, it's not going all that great as we all know. In nemesis 1 admins were the gods, and everything was great. Although people might of disliked the admins or not agree with them... nemesis 1 was still a great success! In nemesis 2 admins were STILL the gods and all was great... but after 5 years+ a reset was needed, which is exactly why player count dropped lower in the end of nemesis 2, simply because catching up to the top players was too hard to even impossible. In nemesis 3 players are the gods who demand and ask changes... the admins simply make them... and look where it's leading us... So yeah, I blame players ... for not coming true to their promises... but also blame myself for not playing god and ignore players. But I do am thankful to a handful of players who still believe in nemesis and its future. Especially those who're working along my side and spending numerous hours in the beta server to ensure the next big feature is ready, balanced and well designed when it launches in the live servers. I was GM years ago and no matter what the staff do, the players will always cry for something... really... no matter what you do. I think its something in the DNA of Helbreath players. The server has low population no because the settings or unbalance (this have been always a problem in any HB server) or some minor stuff, its because HB is a really old game only played by old and nostalgic players, you will never see a 16-19 years old saying "OMG this game looks awesome, lets try it" and more now that we can run almost any game in a cheap computer. and that´s why i think the only mistake at the beggining of Nemesis 3 (i played nemesis 2) was lowering the exp rates, because the ppl who play HB now are "old" and don´t like training, but blaming some random stuff for the low population i think its wrong.... I just can congratulate White for keep believing in this game and working for improve it, the players who cry and blame the staff for everything, need to stop doing it, you don´t have the answers. Bye!
  9. OuterHeaven

    What Happend With Server?

  10. OuterHeaven

    What Happend With Server?

    really? awesome!, how i can contact you or you put it in my wh?? my character is Amraz thx!
  11. OuterHeaven

    What Happend With Server?

    well i wanted to rejoin and play because of the free 180 and for being curious about new stuff, but i get dissapointed because i thought this 180 thing will be applied also to "older" players, I have a lvl155 from the beggining of the nemesis 3, with few eks, all magics and skills. So if there any possibility to apply this 180 offer to older under 180 characters will be awesome. PD: Yes, im lazy and dont want to lvl to 180 or train skills and buy all magics again.... greetings!
  12. OuterHeaven

    Player Count

    Eh, I disagree. Invuln/no-safezones makes for a large change in gameplay and the imbalance is very evident. It's not really "crying", it's legitimate complaint/suggestion. There is a niche for 180/200 25x and Nemesis fills it mostly with success. Whereas, no successful server has ever had invulnerability, so it's really not that crazy to request to remove it. I´m not saying that fixing those things is not important, im just saying that i think is not the main problem why ppl quit. I think making it really easy reach 180 will not change anything important in the server or its future, just ppl without having easy eks.
  13. OuterHeaven

    Player Count

    I said it before and i say it again. The real problem is not the invul, the safe zones or the balance/disbalance. HB is a community when people will cry to the staff no matter what they do... The real problem is that people who play are old players and after a few weeks they get bored or remember why they quit, and they don´t come to the fórum to cry, they just quit, so the problem is that you need to make the way to 180 easiest!!. I only have time to play on weekends and I stop playing because was imposible to train in peace for more than a few minutes and all the guilds only accept 180s Making easiest the way to 180 will not make the server last less, because the real game starts when you are 180. The same thing happened with Nemesis Argentina a few years ago and i hope you learned!
  14. OuterHeaven

    Player Count

    ppl quit, because its what happens now in HB, players who come back after years have fun for a couple of weeks and get bored again or remember why they quit. I remember when HB ARG start was like 250+ on, after one, maybe two months the population started to decreased, that´s why i said that lowering the exp rates was a mistake, i quit because at least i want to be 180 easy (very easy), that way i can fight in any mass fight, but on raid days its imposible to lvl in peace and when you fight all are trying to kill you. Sadly i only can play on weekends, so i get bored and quit. And is not crying, its whats happen, now im waiting that you realize this and increase the rates and that´s is going to happen want it or not.
  15. OuterHeaven

    What Should Go In The New F1Screen In-Game?

    Just ask to yourself what are the most common questions when someone starts in a new server... In my case: - Rates - Sades / Heldenians - New features (explained, not just "new guild system")