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    Ice Elemental Wand

    And whose fault is it that the dices are ruined for most of the weapons? The fact that a lot of weapons for warriors are useless has been brought to your attention for many many times for YEARS (I remember the same talk from neme 1). I dont want to sound ungrateful, but it's not the players' fault that the staff has messed up the dmg dices.
  2. -Gambit

    Kloness Wand

    Solini... dude, dk+15 is SUPER RARE aswell in int/usa servers, as it takes A LOT of time to get dk wand that far. Now, considering that... in usa if you get k wand you dont have to level, you just need rep which isnt very hard to get. You skip leveling for half a year thx to the wand. Here on the other hand as leveling is faster, youre talking as if the dk+15 is given to everyone as they reach 180. It's also supposed to be a REALLY GOOD wand for mages. Dont talk about it as if it were a piece of crap "DUDE THIS SUPER RARE WAND DOES LESS DMG THAN DK+15". Well as I said, dk15 is supposed to be super rare aswell, so that's an invalid comparison. K wand is a good weapon and there's nothing wrong with it dealing same dmg as dk+15 or a bit less. Just use dk+15 then and trade the k wand to someone who doesnt feel like nolifing dk+15 for something else you might need. Also it really bugged me when reading your text I see "...blablabla just to show you how USELESS this wand is". How the hell is it useless? Dk wand same dmg, so it's useless too? Its good dmg, good crits, no need for lvling (Btw I know you bought the char etc, so you wouldnt have had to lvl for the dk+15 either, maby thats why you cant appreciate the time and effort put into lvling it that far). the point of all of the text above: as you have dk+15 and as you find it way better than kwand, just sell it :).
  3. -Gambit

    Design A Flag Contest

    As my country's flag is just a tricolour, I figured I'd do the flag of the region I live in, but that turned out to be really boring aswell, so I'm going for the flag of the region I was born in, Saaremaa : I'll edit the post once it's done =)
  4. -Gambit

    Item Event Week 5-23-5-30

    Sounds like a cool event, but um... Are there going to be any events for european players aswell? Last 3 item events imo all been like 2 am for most europeans. This time it's 3 am..
  5. -Gambit

    Hmhm What Do U Think?

    So the one who made most reps gets it?
  6. -Gambit


    Would still help if same % bars stacked imo =)
  7. -Gambit

    Tweaking Last Update

    I seriously doubt anyone would be "bitching" if these map settings had been left they were in original. Anyways, bitching?? This is suggestions subforum, so suggestion/oppinion or gtfo.
  8. -Gambit

    Remove Dk Set

    OMIGAD I cannat kil warr wid amp/pfm, plz take amp/pfm awai from gaem! Oso ma an mr armo relly hard to figt against, plz remov from gaem! dat is all. kthxbai
  9. -Gambit


    Just for the heck of it... : * Magic - MAGx2 * Magic Resistance - Levelx2 * Poison Resistance - VITx2 * Pretend Corpse - INTx2 * Alchemy - INTx2 * Manufacturing - STRx2 * Mining - STRx2 * Fishing - DEX*2 * Hammer Mastery - DEX*2 * Axe Mastery - DEX*2 * Long Sword Mastery - DEX*2 * Archery - DEX*2 * Fencing - DEX*2 * Short Sword Mastery - DEX*2 * Shield Mastery - DEX*2 * Staff Mastery - MAG*2 * Hand Attack - STR*2
  10. -Gambit

    Weekly Iten Event

    Estonian: Selle n?dala item event toimub esmasp?eval, 17. mail 18:00 serveri aja j?rgi. See on 19:00 EST. Kohtume icebound mapil. Mille peale te m?ngite? Auhinnaks on privaatne portaal sulle ja su guildile. Kui sa ei kuulu guilid, saad sa privaatse portaali ainult endale. Portaal asub wh's ja see juhatab su... ?ksk?ik mis mapile sa soovid.... N?iteks: See v?ib sind juhatada dragoniasse, elvinisse, aresdeni, toh3 gargoyle pitti, iceboundi, druncn citysse.... kuhu iganes sa soovid, et see juhatab. Saate seda portaali kasutada p?hap?evani, 23. maini 14:00 serveri aja j?rgi. T?psemalt eventist kuulete esmasp?eval. Seni kuni k?ik ib safezones ootavad ei tohi summonida, ice stormi, cloud killi castida, kedagi r?nnata, kes eventi algust ootab. Oodake rahumeelselt eventi algust. Ait
  11. -Gambit

    Naziri Out

    Good bye and good luck dude :).
  12. -Gambit

    A Minor Suggestion.

    or a random number from 1-Critical! ?
  13. -Gambit

    Pvp For Rep Event

    Estonian: PVP Event Auhind on repi nullimine. Auhinna v?id v?tta endale ise v?i vahetada/m??a selle kellelegile teisele. V?itja peab l?bi ticketi kinnitama, et ta rep reseti tahab. P?hap?eval 30. mail peale Heldenianit tekib portaal linna kirikutesse. Sa sisened portaali ja sind tp-takse arenale. ?ra r?nda MITTE KEDAGI kuni sa ootad, et event algaks. Kui sa kellegi peale midagi castid, kedagi l??d jne, saadetakse sind jaili ja sul pole lubatud eventist osa v?tta. Hoiatusi ei jagata ja erandeid ei tehta. Reeglid: K?ik r??d ja relvad on lubatud, ka. activ. relvad. K?ik ringid ja neckyd, angelid, wandid jne on lubatud. Invi pole lubatud, ega ka invi scrollid, ega ka invi potid. Great Heal, Create Food, pretend corpse pole lubatud. M?lema linna viimane elluj??nu v?idab. M?ngid nii enda, kui ka vastase linna vastu. Ainult ?ks m?ngija m?lemast linnast v?idab rep reseti. Reeglid v?ivad muutuda ette hoiatamata. Portaal kirikus on avatud u. 10 minutit peale heldeniani. Selle aja jooksul peate repairima, repottima ja eventiks ette valmistuma. K?iki gmide juhiseid tuleb j?rgida. Kui seda ei suudeta, diskvalifitseeritakse teid. Kui sa sured, ?ra whispi GMile ja k?si tagasi tp'd eventile. Kui sind ?ra saadetakse, ?ra whispi gmile, vaidle v?i vingu. Oota kuni event l?bi saab ja k?si oma k?simused siis. Tekkinud k?simused postitage siia. Hunter[GM] //EDIT 100 posts! GZ TO MY!
  14. -Gambit

    Nemesis: Design An Accessory Contest

    Illusionist Necklace - a necklace that has activation. If you activate it - mim, para, confusion, amp, pfm, pfa, gds, ds come undone. Has a cooldown of 20 minutes just as any other activation items. The effect wont last for 60 seconds though, it breaks the spells and that's it for 20 minutes. Drops from Illusion Dragons and Helclaws. Merien Ring - warriors have ma 20 rings against mages. Would only be fair to have something like this for mages, a ring with pa20. For obvious reasons this should be a bit more rare than emerald ring. Drops from same monsters as emerald ring.
  15. I don't know about you guys, but I havent been to hb usa for a while. Had a look at the site & forums yesterday and found that they had gotten some really cool new updates. EK and contri exchange: If hunting monsters isn't really your thing and killing people in game is, there is now another way to upgrade your items. This time it's using your Enemy Kill (EK) points and Contribution Points! When you claim the items, they will be bound to your character so that only you can use them. Just like your hero items. Note: When upgrading your items, they will loose any previous upgrades obtained by Xelima or Merien Stones. You can now upgrade your armor and your weapons! Armor Upgrades Requirements and other information * Items will be bound to the person claiming the upgrade * Item must be of the same stat (EG: MP to upgrade MP) "No Stat" armor can not be upgraded Shields Upgrade Stat Item EK's Cont Limit 7% DR/MP/HP/MR Shield 75 100 77% Hauberks & Hose Upgrade Stat Item EK's Cont Limit 7% MR/DR Hauberk & Hose 100 100 49% 7% MP/HP Hauberk & Hose 150 100 56% Chest & Helms Upgrade Stat Item EK's Cont Limit 7% MR/DR Chest & Helm 200 150 49% 7% MP/HP Chest & Helm 250 150 56% Capes Upgrade Stat Item EK's Cont Limit 7% MR/DR Cape 250 250 35% 7% MP/HP Cape 300 300 28% Sub Stat Upgrade Stat Item EK's Cont Limit 1% Crit/ Mana Con Hauberk & Hose 150 100 5% 1% Crit/Mana Con Chest & Helm 250 150 4% 1% Crit/Mana Con Cape 300 300 3% Weapon Upgrades Requirements and other information * Level 180 * At least 2 existing Hero Items * Items will be bound to the person claiming the upgrade * Item must be of the same stat (EG: Rep to upgrade Rep) "No Stat" can only be upgraded to EXP or Gold * Ancient weapons can not be upgraded Weapons (Including Wands where applicable) Upgrade EK's Cont Limit Notes +7% Hitting Prob 250 250 42% Inc Wands. Not available for Ancient. If the weapon (or wand) is currently "no stats" then only EXP or Gold upgrade is available. +1 Consecutive Damage 250 250 5% +20% Experience 350 350 20% +50% Gold 100 75 50% Upgrades will happen either during or some time after a scheduled reset. Feel free to continue and play your as normal once submitting the request. Upgrades will be given in 1 lot, please do not request multiple upgrades for the 1 item. Unique items and blacksmith / shop items can not be upgraded. Scav hunt. [ links to upgradeable items etc: link1: http://www.helbreathusa.com/events-tokenEx...Scav-Tokens.php link2: http://www.helbreathusa.com/events-tokenEx...-Exchange01.php link3: http://www.helbreathusa.com/events-tokenEx...-Exchange02.php ] It's back! There are a few changes with the scavenger hunts this time. In order to claim any upgrades you need to have Scav Tokens. You can get Scav Tokens by exchanging the correct parts with a Game Master. This time round you can only exchange in "full", for example 100 Werewolf Leathers would get you 1 Gold Scav Token. Trying to exchange 58 Werewolf Claws would get you nothing. Also, you can only upgrade the item if it is equal to the existing main stats percent or higher than. This means that your 7% PR Chain cn be side graded to 7% HP with the corrisponding items, it cant be made in to a 49% HP Chain. While your 56% PR Chain can be decreased to 49% HP with the corrisponding tokens. Portal tokens [ link to portal tokens quests: http://www.helbreathusa.com/quest-list.php ]: Specific monsters in Abaddon now qualify for quests that give you Portal Tokens as a reward. These tokens can be used to trade in for unique items. Both the items and tokens are tradable. Below is a list of items and the current exchange rate for Portal Tokens. Please note, the Portal Tokens are only obtained as a quest reward. Make sure you're on the quest prior to leaving to go on a hunt. See here for a list of Portal Token Quests. Token Amount Item 3000 The Devastator 3000 Berserk Wand (MS20) 1500 Giant Battle Hammer 1500 Berserk Wand (MS10) 1100 Xelima Ring 1000 Xelima Blade 950 Scroll: Ice Storm 850 Xelima Rapier 850 Xelima Axe 750 Ring of Arc Mage 750 Elemental Necklaces (Ice) 500 Scroll: Mass Fire Strike 500 Scroll: Bloody Shock Wave 450 Elemental Necklaces (Efreet or Air) 400 Resurrection Wand (MS10) 400 MS30 Wand (LLF) 350 Ring of Demon Power 350 Ring of Grand Mage 200 Ice Sword 150 Protection Necklaces (Ice, Fire or Air) 100 Ring of Ogre Power 100 Blood Sword 50 Blood Rapier 50 Blood Axe Mysterious tokens: What are they? The Mysterious Tokens are an item that now drops in place of the Composite Bow. They are dropped from a handful of monsters, mainly the Werewolf and Dark Elves. You now have a chance to exchange the Mysterious Tokens for item creation and character upgrades! What can you claim? Create a PR / SP item of choice claim table Item & Upgrade # Tokens for upgrade Tokens to create 7% PR / SP Endu 35% 15 to be created 15 to create* 14% PR / SP Endu 35% 15 to upgrade to (from 7%) 30 to create* 21% PR / SP Endu 35% 15 to upgrade to (from 14%) 45 to create* 28% PR / SP Endu 35% 20 to upgrade to (from 21%) 65 to create* 35% PR / SP Endu 35% 20 to upgrade to (from 28%) 85 to create* 42% PR / SP Endu 35% 25 to upgrade to (from 35%) 110 to create* 49% PR / SP Endu 35% 25 to upgrade to (from 42%) 135 to create* 56% PR / SP Endu 35% 25 to upgrade to (from 49%) 160 to create* * Item is of choice (plate mail, leather, chain, hauberk & chain hose). For Helm items (horned, wings, full helm & helm, see here) You can also claim the items and character upgrades below Character upgrades and item creation claim cable Item / Upgrade # of Tokens Notes +100 Crits 10 Stackable +5k Health 10 Stackable Ogre Ring 60 Created Mage Ring 35 Created Can also read about contribution exchange here : http://www.helbreathusa.com/events-quests-...ontribution.php . Anyways, this is what I found. I think these updates are absolutely AWESOME and benefit the game in many ways: 1) This would grant pvpers a lot more to do with their eks then just collect them to stay in top ek list. 2) Having alternative ways to get rares would probably enliven the pvp a lot. 3) Im almost certain that applying this kind of huge update would get us new players and maby even a few old ones back. I know this kind of updates are a LOT of work etc, but I really think this should be considered. What do you guys think?