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    News On Next Update

    feels fruity
  2. KinkyBoots

    Therapist: An Update

    I recall this. some idiot got kuats mer plate deleted so kuat went on a nolifing marathon and got a new one. Then Ja asked Kuat to borrow him (they were friends, that's what kuat told me) the plate and then he dissapeared and the plate was never seen again.
  3. KinkyBoots

    Happy Bday Ey!

    ah, congrats man!
  4. KinkyBoots

    2 Vs 2 Pvp Event Sunday

    omg, what lotto.
  5. KinkyBoots

    M Shield Wand (require Int)

    delete or set a req for it
  6. KinkyBoots

    Hey Who...

    no whipe
  7. KinkyBoots

    Getting Dressed In Pvp Lol And Other Stuff

    yes, during summer we have sand castle heldenian
  8. KinkyBoots

    Fps Limit

    make it 76 then its good for me :D
  9. KinkyBoots

    Dark Elf Bow

  10. KinkyBoots


    yes some ppl get items back some dont. alright u dont mind giving me back the mr21 cape you still have then?
  11. KinkyBoots


    i agree with all Vampyrs statements 100%, also the staff does a good job handling the serv! now its too late to start looking for the items, because it will be hard and time consuming to trace them. that's why i haven't bothered posting or making tickets but i have been asking for alright to be banned. the other day i found out that most likely static has my hp berk :P
  12. KinkyBoots


    well, in the beginning of the year i got caught up with school and trainings, i simply did not have any time to play HB anymore. icy got pretty inactive too and is inactive to this day. elite got bored playing alone soon after and server was getting inactive so he borrowed our items to Alright, his real life friend, with the intentions to get them back when we return.( note: nobody gave him access.) later Alright traded/lost all items and as he explains it: gave to his friends (note: he has no friends) who quit and he doesn't have access to those accounts. anyhow all items were gone and we had to start from scratch. i trust elite and i know i can share with him. alright and marclorc on the other hand are known scammers and i don't trust them not one bit since they have tried to scam me before and have succeeded with other players aswell. edit: oh and everyone who thinks icy and aealy are scammers is their opinion but actually they are nice ppl although aealy sometimes manages to pull some stupid moves (like loosing gbh) i still trust them way more than marclorc and alright. also icy and aealy are two different people, brothers yes, but they dont wanna really share, they find out each others passwords to use items but they dont steal them. edit again: and it states if you have access to chars or items, and an items is scammed then its your own fault.... well when perun stole IE and traded to us, we should have been allowed to keep it... no offence to survivors guild ofc.
  13. KinkyBoots


    i never gave him access. i only trust a hand full of people and towards the rest i'm just being optimistic and hoping they will not try to scam me. but i am thankful for the times the staff has helped.
  14. KinkyBoots


    give Alright a lesson for trading all my items. :(