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  1. Aki

    Nemesis Int

    been away for a month and this much happened. I'm logging and staying in INT.
  2. Aki

    Hb Nemesis Is Now On Twitter

    omg. I can't read anything with that background.
  3. Aki

    Massive Lag

    I was lagging badly about 2 weeks ago. Now it seems perfectly fine for me. From Singapore.
  4. Aki

    3rd City

    2nd picture down all the way to the right has no palm at all. So it's only face. There is a palm. It's in black gloves.
  5. Aki

    Ms12/ms14 Necks

    MS10 = 1 zem Ms12 = Not sure, 1 M? xD MS14 = Couple of M stones, never traded for it.
  6. Aki

    Question About Items

    They are worth nothing. No one will even pick those rings up if you drp it on the floor. Platinum Ring does ABSOLUTELY nothing. Ruby Ring is 10% MA but most uses emerald anyway (20%) MA. Rep+2 isn't attractive at all. I will sell it to the shop the moment I get one. Statless Right Flam, forget about it. ^_^ http://portal.helbreathnemesis.com may help you a little. Also check out marketplace to see what stuffs are worth.
  7. Aki


    You should train your shield % to 100 when you are level 51-, its easy to train it on dummys... Good job on digging a 4mth old thread.
  8. Aki

    Bloody Shock Wave Damg

  9. Aki

    3rd City

    The pirate idea sounds great. A Mercenary Town will be nice too.
  10. Aki

    Any 1 Played Hb On Mac Before?

    Are you serious? It's like 10 years since I hear anyone saying Mac suck.
  11. Aki

    Betray / Dahsyat

    Come to think of it, I haven seen BETRAY in awhile.
  12. Aki

    Unsafe Maps Warning

    It's more like 0.5 sec. I have to click twice (Once on the OK and once on myself) before I can get myself amped/invis. That popup is a pain.
  13. Aki

    Sleep Looks Fantastic

    It takes 250 MP to cast Sleep. That's what...4 times with MS18 and DK Wand? It won't overpower them unless they already have insanely good aim. ;) DEFINITELY not. It's gonna be a VERY rare drop. VERY rare sounds scary. I'll still want cancellation over sleep/hell-fire. :D
  14. Aki

    Sleep Looks Fantastic

    Not gonna lift it straight from korean server?