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    Ventrilo / Windows 7 / Hb

    i use windows 7-64 and works well for me... In game and minimized. :ph34r:
  2. ech0

    El Famoso Y Horrible Mim

    Woot Woot! Cant understand S**T :blink:
  4. ech0

    Gm Fight Club

  5. ech0

    Happy Birthday!

    Only thing i understood was the headline.... Well Happy Bday :ph34r:
  6. ech0

    Explain Your Character's Name

    Ech0 - Well i have used that name since SOF2 and i even don't know where did it came from :blink:
  7. ech0

    ***new Player Hot Tips***

    Don't Die To Enemy Town Player! Mostly Elvo! #1 Tip of the day!