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  1. VR-six^

    Remove Mim From Magic Shop!

    I agree i hate that *flipping* spell. Way over powered, something shud be done with it. Any sounds good 2 me haha
  2. VR-six^

    Zem Drop Rate Is Way To Low

    :excl: this is 1 of the worst ideas ever :excl: .... play diablo 2
  3. VR-six^

    Safe In Recall Points

    I was a labrat here, and i didnt like it
  4. VR-six^

    Old Warehouses

    Sum1 reminded me ingame the other day, the old warehouses were much nicer imo. any1 else agree?
  5. VR-six^

    Fps Mass Fluctuation

    try increasing ur virtual memory. safe to as much as 50% of recommended settings. im well over 75% lol...seemed to work a little for me control panel/performance and tools/ adjust visual effects/ advanced tab change virtual memory at the bottom
  6. VR-six^

    Is The Server Down?

    as topic asks... i keep gettin world server is down message
  7. VR-six^

    Increasing Ping?

    problem solved, ur right white... as soon as i hop onto ps3 ping goes crazy, but when im running alone ping is pretty steady in 50s
  8. VR-six^

    Increasing Ping?

    my desktop is getting 50-55ms but my laptop is getting 500-700average
  9. VR-six^

    Increasing Ping?

    I tried leatrix and didnt see a difference. also Im using tcp optimizer but after running the program and rebooting the settings reset to default. I should be averaging 45-75ms but 4 some reason it spikes and stays around 500-700ms.
  10. VR-six^

    Increasing Ping?

    any1 know anyway to increase ping? my ping is horrible, between 600 and 700. i can hardly play.
  11. VR-six^

    Pits In "safe" Hunting Areas

    Im not that dedicated anymore :S maybe someone else.
  12. VR-six^

    Pure Warrior Skills

    using rage drains all ur sp to zero, with a minimum of 1/2 requirement 2 use it. once sp is drained spgp cud b used 2 regain sp
  13. VR-six^

    Pits In "safe" Hunting Areas

    I think itd b a good idea to get rid of all the crazyness of mobs in ef and sw etc and make actual pits in those areas(NOT garden). this is a good idea bc more ppl wuld actually be training there and durring raid times their wuld b more local areas 2 target, not only shops and wh. and also more local areas 2 maj and, "safer"
  14. VR-six^

    Old Maps 1.4 Helbreath

    Nemesis solves everything!!!
  15. VR-six^

    New Computer Parts For My Pc

    Make sure you get a big turbo with a nice tune to throw on there