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  1. Ashley

    New Donation Item

    i want to understand this. Correct me if im wrong, this means for that amount you unban any char that is banned with rare items/spells and any kind of game things?
  2. Ashley

    Old Maps 1.4 Helbreath

    why you think we are here :P . staff support 100% aint a lie
  3. Ashley

    Abby Dead!

    If ares had kill the abby we could have got good items :P, but elv cancell is on 24/7. Wonder how much money he got to be playing all day long :) . Ty for the fight (mucho eks) and gratz on bad drops
  4. Ashley


    Only if you want ppl to stop playing ;). Make zem available at shop and ppl will stop recalling :lol:
  5. Ashley


    Merien plate rocks cuz is green and makes you shine even if your a nab :D
  6. Ashley

    Kill The Gm Event

    Now that your mentioning this, ive found that when an enemy is boxed and somebody kills it i see that for some reason he/she(the eker) is allowed to run and pick drop first while the rest stay like stunned. Idk if this happens to you but always happens to me :). And back on topic, i love this kind of events cuz last time i got strong 42% sp49 long boots
  7. Ashley

    Happy Birthday Hunter

    Another year for the collection, enjoy it man, try to collect 100 :lol:
  8. Ashley

    Top Ek Server?

    sp49 long boots isnt a rare :D but yea when i had it never needed to cast stamina recovery :lol: :ph34r:
  9. Ashley

    Another Use For Rep

    I think rep works fine. Do you guys got more than 1k rep and are using right weapons to say rep is bad? :o No need to mention the kloness weapons that are ownage for high rep players
  10. Ashley

    Truth Or Legend Of Gbh Drop.

    I think Kelly from Reptilia got her GBH from mg not sure, at least thats what shed said :huh: :unsure:
  11. Ashley

    About A New Pl :)

    NOOO :) . Pl must be downgraded to lvl 110 only. Bring back energy strike and ews eks. Flams/Gis and hammers. Wing helm and Wizard caps to win, no ugly horned and wizard hats :angry: Bow eks, lighthing strike eks, meteor eks :D Mass fun like old days when helbreath was a baby born :wub:
  12. Ashley


    Got new skills nab ? :lol: WB
  13. Ashley

    The Three Elemantal Neck

    I see you understand us :wub:
  14. Ashley

    The Three Elemantal Neck

    I think with these improvements mages will own wars more than they do it now. They already have zwand and it hurts even with blizz only. Now if everyone likes the idea so much, pls do something to lighting blade since its a light weapon and dark exec cuz only the +4 dmg during the day and viceversa for dark exec makes this weapons useless. What about if light blade stunts with the same effect as White is mentioning? Or add some hp drain to dark executor? :)
  15. Ashley

    Earth-shock-wave Manual

    I got a question. Is it still necessary to keep secret the rates of drops from mobs that drops rare items? :unsure: . In my case if i knew what mob can drop me for Ex: a xel neck or zwand i could just go to that map and kill that specific monster till it drops it and not wandering around all maps playing hide and seek with monsters ;)