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  1. arska

    Helbreath Nemesis By Alemina

    Another set macro user =(
  2. arska

    Login Down

    Cant login. after minutes of waiting comes shaking hands.
  3. arska

    Player's Opinion: Nemesis 3 And Buffs

    I totally agree with the topic writer. Not to blaming anyone, but these new updates had gone wrong way. We need necessary updates, but nothing superfluous. These little things can mean alot in decisions of coming back to nemesis.
  4. arska

    A View Of The Community On Nemesis 3

    Why u worry about, cant be worst anyway! totally agree xD
  5. arska

    A View Of The Community On Nemesis 3

    Server is way too fruity to continue anymore. 7 or 8 years is very well done as a HB server. We all can see that this server is down just now, without a doubt. The solution WILL BE reseting the server, or watch it suffer for a year with max 25 ppl online, which all afking with their rares. GM's have done alot of new updates to pull into players without any results (except negative). That's a shame because GMs here are very decent and worked hard.If you visit other servers, like olympia (or upcoming legion), you will see that the population of hb players isn't going down. The true fact is that people will join there, where most of the ppl are. And most of the people wants a non-fruited server to play. The same thing can be applied in new players. Simple. -Donovan EDIT: This is only my opinion. Whatever GMs will do, its ok for me. And Svafnir/Amonamarth, big +1.
  6. arska


    we didnt got corrupted at that point. I guess he ment to say that the bought items (by donating) should have been corrupted (means self-destructive in a time-limit) to avoid buyers overpower. Nothing about the corruption of server.I think that would not solve the whole problem, because buyers also buy items from individuals, not only server. But it WOULD help avoiding ppl quit because of HF- or other spell buyers.
  7. arska

    Patch V5.41.001

    bluebery +1. This update (i dont mean other updates) makes playing too easy. It's part of the game to time urself.
  8. arska

    Patch V5.41.001

    All the rest in this new update is excellent BUT Invulnerability in town -> No town raids anymore Defence spell can be disabled -> Cannot time people anymore and the main idea of big fights lost. Also timing for DS/PFA became useless. All these latest updates had a good main idea, but the result is that all the people has gone. Solution? Downgrade these 2 part of update or/and reset.
  9. arska

    Tratar De Sumar Gente O Reset No Hay Otra

    Reset+1. No use for those updates because mr28 sets or mp21 sets wont help anybody to start in this server. Simply too many items and rare spells in server. How have we became to this? Well, one answer is: because buyers have bought nearly everything and those who sell have left from server itemless. Rest have quited because of buyers as well (mass hf's and xelimas). Solution: reset and let beginners start with the same stuff than others. If buyers quit because of reset, it's only a good thing, because without buying the server will be a lot more stable.
  10. arska

    New Rare Weapons That Are Bound To A Char

    Too much items in server to get newbies stay in server. And that's the reason server has so few ppl atm. No new people -> player amount goes down. And that's a vicious circle. Would u start in a server with few massively geared people ?
  11. arska

    Can't Connect

    Yap, down again ...
  12. arska

    Elv D1 Ent...

    Agree. good topic.
  13. arska

    Good Pvm Builds

    agree with GeniuS. 130 str and high vit is perfect.
  14. arska


    Lucky those 5 hellfires are not online same time. I think HF is the lamest thing killing new people in server. Yes, roy, elvines never pvp and thats a big shame *huge cough to HHB and hwarang*. When we were in elvine we got pvp alot . Just wondering why ppl scare to die. Zem? No, just return zem after pvp -,-. Lose their face? No, who cares about pvp wins. PS. MJ suX =D