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  1. Mariano78

    Reset Is Not An Option?

    Personally I think the reset is not an option at this time. Simply view posts from previous years and inevitably live a similar crisis and this is for several reasons: 1 - We all grow and have new obligations so we play less (perhaps with better quality but less so). 2 - Each year a new server opens that shows promise but does not last more than 8 months and then all return to the safe place where we kept what we got. 3 - Everything has a shelf life and is no exception Helbreath is almost a game collection, so the community is more or less stable and is rare to join new generations when phones have games with better graphics, making it less attractive to the eye (not the gameplay). Surely if a reset would have, at least initially, 200 people playing it then would drop to 80 and would remain at 60. Since I doubt that excuse of old players "I do not start a server again, because you have to train and blablabla", because the server that opens, server to get to play. You have to be aware that now we complain about the few people but many people, we would complain of lag that we would produce 50 magicians pulling blizz. Get out in the sun and let the time pass, this always get up and do it again I guess. Just enter a few minutes a day, not to lose the habit. Mariano
  2. Mariano78

    Jing[gm]'s Scavenger Hunt Event

    Well, congrats kelly, fake kelly (or roca) and all heineken team for first place. And congrats hachis for second place And future congrats who win 3 place
  3. Mariano78

    Is It Worth It To Start Fresh?

    comparto lo del reset, por el momento asi esta bien el server para jugar. sin embargo, respecto a la sangre nueva que entra, ya vi varios de esos nuevos abandonar debido a que llegan a 180 en un par de horas y deben hacer contri para poder sacar el dkset, tal vez reviendo esto se podria tener aun mas nuevos miembros en el server. share about the reset, at the moment so it's okay to server to play. however, about the new blood coming in, and saw several of these new leave due to reach 180 in a couple of hours and must contribute to make the dkset, perhaps reviewing this could have even more new members on the server. Regards
  4. Mariano78

    Is It Worth It To Start Fresh?

    Es muy cierto lo que dice Junho. Pero creo que es un buen momento si uno tiene que empezar con un char nuevo, ya que si bien es dificil pelear contra quien ya esta armado, al haber menos gente conectada de lo habitual, se puede entrenar de forma tranquila en ciertos lugares sabiendo que justamente por la cantidad de gente conectada, no vas a ser molestado muy seguido y de esta forma poder adquirir algunos items y subir de nivel para ir armando el char. by google.... It is very true what you say Junho. But I think it is a good time if you have to start with a new char, because although it is difficult to fight against those who are already armed, fewer people connected than usual, you can train in a calm way in certain places, knowing that just by the number of people connected, you will not be disturbed too often and thus able to purchase some items and level up to go arming the char. Regards
  5. Mariano78

    Happy Bday White[gm]

    Happy b-day white!!!!! here in argentina is 9th oct atm!!
  6. Mariano78

    Suggestions For Advertice

    Hola Realmente toda la informacion que necesita alguien nuevo en el juego se encuentra en la ayuda (F1), tal vez no seria necesario armar una guia y se podria ver la forma de que al crear un nuevo char cuando se abre la ventana de ayuda pregunte si es la primera vez en helbreath, si se contesta no (como seria el caso de alguien que crea su segundo char o ya se conoce el juego) la ventana se cierra y caso contrario se abra el menu de ayuda donde sea obligatorio leer al menos las opciones mas importantes (atack, defense, magic, specific point, skill, items y beningger guide por ejemplo) y definitivamente incentivar el uso del foro, indicando donde por ejemplo que se podran encontrar guias sobre los stats, hunts, items, tipos de chars, etc. Si habria que hacer algunos cambios dentro del menu de ayuda, ya que por ejemplo las coords de los edificios ubicados en cada ciudad no se corresponden con el presente. Y finalmente se podria dar la opcion de tener un cliente en español ya que ultimamente esta ingresando gente que no entiende mucho del ingles y le cuesta mucho mas todavia entender la ayuda posible a recibir, mucho mas si tuviese que leer una guia ya hecha en ingles. By Gooogle...... Hello Actually all the information you need someone new to the game is in the help (F1), may not be necessary to put together a guide and could see the way that you create a new char when opening the help window asks if is the first time in Helbreath, if you say no (as in the case of someone who creates his second char or already know the game) the window closes and otherwise open the help menu which is obligatory to read at least the most important options (atack, defense, magic, specific point, skill, items and beningger guide for example) and will definitely encourage the use of the forum, indicating where such guides that can be found on the stats, hunts, items, types of chars and so on. If you would have to make some changes in the help menu, as for example the coords of the buildings in each city do not correspond to the present. And finally it could give the option of having a Spanish-speaking customer is entering lately because people do not understand much of English and still has trouble understanding much help as possible to receive much more if I had to read a guide and made ​​in English .
  7. Mariano78

    Hosting Company Manteinance. 10/12/2011

    El resumen es que el 12/10 entre las 00.00 y 04.00 hora del server, el host va a realizar tareas mantenimiento y que posiblemente haya periodos de lag o perdida de paquetes.
  8. Mariano78

    Helbreath Nemesis V5.37

    Muy buen trabajo hicieron con el update. solamente tengo un comentario para hacer, si ahora es necesario tener puntos de contri para poder sacar el dkset una vez que se es lvl 180 (al menos lo pide en este momento), no veo mucho sentido que las barracks sigan estando hasta el max lvl o bien creen una quest especial que de los puntos necesarios para tener el set completo matando dummis. porque sino veriamos muchos goldies (siendo lvl 180) haciendo puntos de contri y es lo que justamente se quiso evitar con las barracks hasta el maximo nivel debido a la gran cantidad de chars ya armados y la dificultad de jugar para alguien nuevo. by google translator Very good work done with the update. I have only one comment to make, whether it is now necessary to point out the contribution to dkset once it is lvl 180 (at least the calls at this time) I do not see much sense that the barracks are still up to the max lvl or create a special quest of the necessary points to get the full set killing dummys. because otherwise we would see many goldies (being lvl 180) doing contri points and is just what it wanted to avoid the barracks to the maximum level due to the large number of premade chars and the difficulty of playing for someone new. Regards
  9. Mariano78

    Is Really Difficult To Play Like This....

    I think he talk about the attacks being suffered by the server and during sade for example, at least 3 times we disconnect all. But there is no other option to be patient (And do not complain, because we know what happens), go out and see the sun and wait for the staff work it out as well farjat said in another post. Regards
  10. Mariano78

    Pings Pls.

    Hello Here my ping. As reference, ping from Argentina. ping Media 165Ms ping Media 186Ms
  11. Mariano78

    Server Crash?

    I was at bf, try recall and cant log again...
  12. Mariano78

    Alchemy Ingredents

    Yes, the skill go up if you do invi pots or others pots, but if dont have the ingredients, you can do mana pot or hp pot and train skill anyways
  13. Mariano78

    Alchemy Ingredents

    You can train alch to 100% only doing mana pot, hp pot, etc.
  14. Mariano78

    The Problem Why New Players Dont Stay Long...

    Vintage, I agree that the posing but would be almost impossible to meet because in many cases are willing to give a kidney for an EK. This is logical because it is much easier to kill someone new than someone who has been playing for years and has many items. What is not understood then it is subsequently raised that reads "can not be that Ares / Elvs do not fight". Personally I do not fight much, much less do it with new people because not find the grace and I think if not better left to those people, the server could stagnate. I do not share is the subject of the number of players, according to the schedule since Ares has more players who Elv (morning) and afternoon / evening gives the inverse, just look at the statistics of crusades and helds and is something that has to be cyclic. Regards
  15. Jing, welcome back. Excellent, we now expect news from White to reelected prices (needs change). Regards