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  1. El Rafa

    I'm Lazy -_-

    haha, ya ok, hence the title. I know im lazy, i just thought it would be a comfy thing to have. nvm :P ty all :D
  2. El Rafa

    I'm Lazy -_-

    ya like that, but i mean one for calculating how many majs u need to change from 1 build to another. For example how many majs u need to change from a dex mage to a bbh 23 mag warr . Just a thought :)
  3. El Rafa

    I'm Lazy -_-

    like character simulator. It could be something like u have two fields of statbuilds to fill in, 1 is your current stats other one is the stats you want to change to. Then the calculator says how many majs u need to change from 1 build to another.
  4. El Rafa

    I'm Lazy -_-

    A stat change calculator :) what u think?
  5. El Rafa

    Make The Dk Rapier Useful

    there is? O.o
  6. El Rafa

    Make The Dk Rapier Useful

    well short sword has no range at all, litteraly, hence the good dmg. I use an anc rep7 gradius and I get more eks with staff then with that (melee speaking). Fencing has the longest range in game, 4 tiles. If rapiers were to deal good dmg they would be overpowered. I think its ment to be a interupt cast / prevent recall weapon, not a dmg dealer. I would love to see a dk15 great sword addition tho. Would make room for new charbuilds, both for vit warrs and platemages. /Zoul
  7. El Rafa

    Bi Fight

    Dont waste ur items man, let the rich players do these things. Kelly give back the necklace for another (real) event. Or any other rich player with spare sets can organize. U did your part lugiore. props! /Zoul
  8. El Rafa

    Bi Fight

    im sry if i sounded negative, i think what u did was great. Just wanted to state that :)
  9. El Rafa

    Bi Fight

    nice of u to organize an event, but tbh, u made a pvp of kelly vs kelly (he got acc to both chars), and kelly won. So u practically gave a free air ele neck to... Kelly ^^ (perhaps the richest player on the server) I love your initiative tho. Perhaps put a minimum attendance limit next time? ;) GJ still :D
  10. Don't click me u bastards! :(

  11. El Rafa

    Jing[gm]'s Scavenger Hunt Event

    that double axe is pain xD
  12. El Rafa

    Reducing Mim Duration

    Agree with 1x1 area. OR Make mim not work thru pfm but reduce durantion either way Zoul
  13. El Rafa

    The Problem Why New Players Dont Stay Long...

    I agree with u vintage to a certain extent. I feel a lil guilty whenever i kill newbies cus i think like u, sure i get an ek or somenoe else does. But that kid that just got killed is getting more and more tired and will prolly leave. However, its the game, and they could go hunting in sw/ares garden (knowing that cf for example is a warzone). lvl 180 with no items is the new goldie, and ppl will never stop hunting "goldies". Besides, fighting 20 elvs for 1 ek is not that easy either, its all about luck who gets last hit lol. About the imbalance, its always been like that. I remember myself writing in forums about imbalance like a year ago when there was litteraly no elvs around, everyone made ares char (and i mean everyone...). Part of the problem there as i see it is the town transfers. HB nemesis should remove that option, or conformist can switch whenever they want. Want new town = make new char. I know ive been on and on about this and I know most of u are prolly sick of me on this topic. But i still think this is the main problem with imbalance overall in hb nemesis. Stop real money transfers... U ask how most ppl got fh in the first place? many of them them bought their full hero. Getting full hero is a process where u improve your gameplay and learn to deal with different situations as u work for ur fh. Players that have not gone through this process dont know how to play in hard situations, which end up with them afking in wh, thus contributing to the imbalance. You know what i think of the item distribution in hb nem, and that will reflect on the new players (making it harder for them to get gear) when there are, litteraly, no trades to be made, and if there is one, there is a jungle out there where everyone is out to hustle u. They have to hustle you cus thats the law of the jungle... If ppl want a different game atmosphere, change the setting of the environment as players (humans...) will always adapt to their environment. Btw. I turn down pvps from Poderoso everyday, i think thats pretty strong of me :glare: Zoul
  14. El Rafa

    Forum Colours

    agree about the red text, its kinda annoying on my eyes also. Also the text in the searchbox is black, and the searchbox is black. Thought u might want to know :)