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  1. BluRBoY

    Happy Birthday 400 Aka Wenye!

    ty brudder!!! ty all my friend =) i having the party last night after work.... i eat irish bonestick damn i could go up this morning i cant go to work today....LOL anyway thx for all =D
  2. BluRBoY

    Happy Birthday!

  3. BluRBoY

    Too All My Friend Of Hb...

    jajajajaja way to go man...i know u are pro... i cant compete u...u way to good for me... nah u can keep it the plate. maybe 1 day i be back....and im not sure of that yet. really miss to raid with u... i not raiding much without u and andrea..cause with u 2 i feel secure..i got enough backup even with 20 korean. :lol:
  4. BluRBoY

    Explain Your Character's Name

    BlurSepet - i always use blur cause last time i have clan of counter name of that is roastedblur. then i combine with sepet cause of my exgf is chinese and she got eyes which is chinese eyes with small to open...wakaka so i combine it become blursepet 400 - is obviously from 300 movie. i just add it 100 more so become 400 :lol: wenye - well this char is my friend put it for me. cause i like play mage W.. so i ask him to write down :P AhmiXSanG - my friend real name...
  5. BluRBoY

    Too All My Friend Of Hb...

    in the list is doest matter..u the best buddy i ever have. u the best fighter i ever play =P sorry i forgot to put ur name in that list... but ur name already in my heart :wub: :lol:
  6. BluRBoY

    Too All My Friend Of Hb...

    well i dont know the future.... this game is still tempting for me to back play.... but i have to do what i have to do... great playing with u hunter :wub: make me sad to leave this game.
  7. BluRBoY

    Too All My Friend Of Hb...

    im really sad to say this...that me and corea are going to quit this game for my own good.... im not sure i will back....i think its like permanently will busy with work now and try to achieve to buy a car that what i dream it last year,before my motorbike got stolen :( so im decide to be more focus to my work and achieve what i need.... to all my friend from aresden and elv..... to all hb nemesis staff..thx for giving me a great moment of my entire life. hb is my life before. but not anymore i got responsible ahead me. to my friend from ares. corea,medic,bacapoop,sergiapoop,andreapoop,ace^ and alot more. without u guys i never be good playing this game. AND REALLY THX FOR cannon@savvy for being my teacher of playing from begining...he the most funny guy..and corea is best friend i ever have who really i trusted..Medic u the coolest guy i like u using bmage. =P . to POOP TEAM especially ANDREA(good boy),SERGIO(the pro) AND BACAPOOP(mass item) lol its really great to have u as my friend i will remember u guys always :P to stuff of HB nemesis. FarjatGM - thx for everthing for the game was really good i ever play it was better then previous HB. HunterGM - really nice to see u back and make the game was really fun.U THE BEST! and plz STAY STRONG! MJGM - pretty bad that u not so often play. but i still remember u we raiding together =Po WhiteGM - well u the best coder. and i m impress the best coder handling coding of this best HB. MYTHGM - well we fight before when i use blursepet. sadly u leave hb before and after that u came and be GM and that was good..that a really best choice they pick u..cause u great survivor =P elguason - well im really sorry i still cant recognize which char u play but still u the great GM ;) Ey! - u are good GM too. cause u like teacher and discipline all the player =) so that it...i want to thanks again without u guys. my life is bored! hope u guys have fun =) well me and corea selling some stuff if anyone intrested. plz let corea know we will sell for the best offer. 400 blursepet wenye AhmiXsanG 17
  8. BluRBoY

    Miner's Event Thursday

    malaysian language..... ;) pada hari khamis 6.00pm server time,akan di adakan MINER EVENT di middleland mine hadiah akan disorok pada seluruh peta dan pemain boleh cuba cari apa yang mereka boleh AMARAN!!...ini bukan peta yg damai. Anda harus waspada dengan musuh anda. Tapi pelombong sudah biasa dengan ini.....betul? mereka diserang ketika melombong setiap masa. ok hadiah berupa : zemstone,meriens,xelima stone, diamond, ruby,emerald,crystals,gold dan silver 100% compeletion mithral bar super red pot dan super blue pot HADIAH UTAMA BERUPA SHARP HITTING PROBILITY+35% PICK AXE malaysian version :wub:
  9. BluRBoY

    Remove Dk Set

    im really not agree with this..... u looking for easy ek.... not all player have good armour.... so dk set is the best choice for them to survive..... well yeah i know that some of the player walk is like annoying u but just get ur team or friend and kill him.... about m.shield is already post it before and nobody would agree about it... :sleep:
  10. BluRBoY

    Hell Fire

    seriously?stop whining....duh <_<
  11. BluRBoY

    Hell Fire

    trade efreet neck :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. BluRBoY

    Nemesis Obstacle Course Event

    yeah was funny when u mass summon tw and all clai was hilarious funny :lol:
  13. BluRBoY

    Nemesis Obstacle Course Event

    WOW THAT AWESOME JUN :wub: hahaha juli u bet on wrong person who call him spartan :lol: anyway thx for the event was awesome..... i was making through untill black dragon and my pfm went off and dead by black dragon :wacko:
  14. BluRBoY

    Nemesis Obstacle Course Event

    Shereth won the ie, its a pr0 ares secret char lol that was u junnoh?hahahah grat mate :lol:
  15. BluRBoY

    Nemesis Obstacle Course Event

    ie sword get to ares player i forgot the name but the name is like shenezzz something... then ma21 chain get to huno if im not mistaken.... so ares ftw :wub: