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  1. cor3a


    lol cmon bro. whatsapp me! haha
  2. cor3a


    Let me know if anyone is selling the following: dm5 rodrag abh (ns or stats) mr set M hp set M statted cape :D
  3. cor3a

    What Happend With Server?

    someone called for the original owner of the esw scroll in nem3 ? ;D
  4. cor3a

    What Happend With Server?

    Those days have passed. Pretty much all the action in server has been killed. Wish you well Roy :) Hope you are doing good too! Pwna/Karri !! Will be looking forward to a day where we'll play together again :)
  5. cor3a

    What Happend With Server?

    deja vu~ i remember the good old days of me playing nem 1 & 2 till 5am int he morning and waking up at 8am again to continue playing~ playing with my pals everyday rushing home from school/work to play. OMGGGGGG
  6. cor3a

    How's The Server Going?

    How many player counts are we getting these days? :)
  7. cor3a


    not gona do it for like a min though i believe. like 10 sec or so? i think its much better than any map switch or any building switch thingy
  8. And u mean u will bring a dozen of ginseng out just to unfreeze yourself? The amount of ginseng your bag can hold will never suffice for the amount of mp that can be used to cast a freeze spell on u. Your ginseng doesnt auto regenerate in your bag, unlike mp
  9. cor3a


    I never understood the purpose of having invul honestly. I kind of prefer it to be on pots mode, where everyone that gets it as a drop will bring one in bag so that they can plot an escape. If say invul was purpsoed to be sort of a counter against boxed eks, im afraid we are really drifting off track here.
  10. cor3a


    Remove invul. Change them into pots. Consume pots and u get invul. Probably let mobs like ww stalker drop these invul pots.
  11. cor3a

    Holy Crap It's Been Too Long.

    and where are u vivi
  12. cor3a


    I will trade u esw manual if u can find items to add.
  13. cor3a


    Rare Earth Shock Wave Manual Black/Gold trim dye Weapons BBH+3 Right flame rep6 Agile flame rep7 Anc gs hp21 LLF Flame 3 Wands MS10 hp56 MS10 exp20 Shields Mp 7/14/28 targe/wood CIC 2 targe/wood Rings/Necks/Misc DM2 RM10 Ruby ring Ring of Orge Dex0 angel Stones/Boosters M stones Zems Skill Booster x2 Gold Booster x2 Exp Booster x2 Quest Booster x2 Gathering Rate Booster x2 Drop rate Booster x1 Looking for: MR/MA/HP/MP (M), IE/IP Neck, BH with hp, DM5, Rodrag, Magic Diamond
  14. cor3a

    Dragon[Gm] Added To Staff.

    Grats Serg! cya around in game