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  1. -R8-

    Hi Guy's

    We love u sexy!
  2. -R8-

    [Event] Spring Guild Vs Guild Pvp Tournament !

    I already know!pro team! XD
  3. -R8-

    Looking For Owner Of Segfault.

    copaļ¼u have whatapps?
  4. -R8-

    Im Out

    No juli...........
  5. -R8-

    Godie - Logout

    Cya bro!and take care
  6. -R8-

    Welcome Zorak[GM]

    Welcome Zorak =)
  7. -R8-

    Just Saying Hi Guys

    We miss u sexy!!Help me say hi to James and tyrone
  8. -R8-

    New Donation Item

    Pls ban Maynard acc and I think he will pay for it XD
  9. -R8-

    Baca Quit!

    We need u baca'!!!!!!!!don't quit!!!!!!!
  10. -R8-

    Happy Bday Nemesis Dad!

    Happy birthday farjat!!!wish u have a good 1!
  11. -R8-

    Explain Your Character's Name

    R8- is my car model =P
  12. -R8-

    Pvp Event Sunday

    Nice Hunter,I hope this event will keep going on every weekend XD Vamos Poop!!!!!!!!
  13. -R8-

    Happy Bday Baca!

    Happy birthday baca XD
  14. -R8-

    Is Time =)

    I think is time for me to say goodbye for hb nem,coz my job make me no time to play. Since I been played this server 2years.It bring me a lot of fun and I can know a lot of friends form different country. I want to thanks to my guildmates who been helping me and gms who running this server so well.I wouldt sell any items or accs,I will keep it until the server shut down!(Sergio will take care some of my items if u trade it I gonna kick ur *censored*) Good luck guys!cheers The Owner Of Mr-Popo and AceHigh