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  1. itachi

    Both Server Closed?

    i try to log, but i cant ... both servers closed? By Rast Nemesis 2 :D
  2. itachi

    Any Staff

    Months ;D sorry =P
  3. itachi

    Any Staff

    i have one tickt open , like 3 mouth in Rast Account, can read please?
  4. itachi

    Reset Is Not An Option?

    White, server live for a long time, we have a nice History, but now no are the time to reset? Sure nemesis will take your 200+ ppl online .
  5. itachi

    Guards Quest

    Clear the town, 25 Mobs but inside the town dont have 2 mobs Skeletons and Orcs .... =D
  6. itachi

    Borning To Play...

    So borning to play with 10 online .....
  7. I love this town! Great change staff ^^
  8. itachi

    I Wanna Play, But I Cant.

    white, my wireless provider have 4 link dedicated, for it i have the problem with handshake failed, do you have any solution for me? if not, thanks for your time.
  9. itachi

    I Wanna Play, But I Cant.

    Yeah i see the new x-mas map, but server with 15 online *.*, i remember 80+ all time ;/
  10. itachi

    I Wanna Play, But I Cant.

    White where all the Players? i log and dont see no one ppl..
  11. itachi

    I Wanna Play, But I Cant.

    i try fix the CLASS of IP ADRESS of Nemesis for dont use the balance system, and work. thankz help
  12. itachi

    I Wanna Play, But I Cant.

    i can try fix the IP ADRESS of HELBREATH for use one Modem, but i dont know what are the IP Adress you use.
  13. itachi

    I Wanna Play, But I Cant.

    i live in small town, i work in this wireless provider, we have 4 ADSL LINK 10MB with balance system, he see what have a small trafic and send the packet for this mouden, and the client have a nice navegation with the lighter ADSL LINK. example Modem 1 = 2 mb traffic Modem 2 = 8 mb traffic Modem 3 = 1 mb traffic Modem 4 = 3 mb traffic i dont have fix HOT IP ADRESS, just reboot the ADSL MODEM the HOT IP CHANGE. Maybe he check all files with Modem 3 and try log inside account with Modem 1, both have different ip address... maybe this are my problem. Sorry for the sux english .. i know a little english and i use sometimes google translator
  14. itachi

    I Wanna Play, But I Cant.

    Thank you, White, in the old time i never take this problem, only after this AUTO UPDATE, =/ Thanks for you time.
  15. itachi

    I Wanna Play, But I Cant.

    white, same problem, my provider use 4 dedicated link with balance, for it my IP ADDRESS change all the time, i can't fix the HOT IP ADDRESS, i check website " MY IP ADRESS " he changed in all the visit. LOOK IT, i try 3 times, and i take 3 IP ADRESS Maybe your Auto UPDATE, check my files with ONE IP, and Try log in with another IP ADRESS. First try. Second try. thrid try.
  16. itachi

    Translations Needed !

    First Part Brazilian Linguage: - Como Instalar o Helbreath Nemesis * Para os Jogadores Antigos do Helbreath Nemesis *Faça o download do Nemesis Auto Updater NOVA ATUALIZAÇÃO! * Coloque o Auto Update em qualquer pasta de HELBREATH, Ele atualizara para versão do HELBREATH NEMESIS Se tiver algum problema , tente com a versão completa primeiro, ou visite o Forum. - Aos Novos Jogadores Do Helbreath Nemesis * Faça o Download da Versão Completa, E use o Atalho criado pelo AutoUpdate. * Sempre será necessario abrir o AutoUpdate para Jogar! Agora temos uma versão com sistema Ant-Cheater. * O Helbreath Nemesis Funciona em todas as versões do Windows.
  17. itachi

    Handshake Failed.

    i have same problem, after this new uptade, i cant play this server ....
  18. itachi


    You can send me the IP ADRESS of Client, maybe i can resolve my problem with the SHAKE HANDS OF SERVER.......
  19. itachi

    Anyone Know This Error

    Done, i can open the client, but i take another , about Hands with server....
  20. itachi

    Roll Back

    Dont work.
  21. itachi

    Roll Back

    same error
  22. itachi

    Roll Back

  23. itachi

    Roll Back

    I removed the Marking, and continues with error, Tree1-small.pak
  24. itachi

    Roll Back

    I've changed the updater config again, please check if it works now? Yes this work now, but i get another error check SS