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  1. MaXx

    Video Settings

    ya ya i definitly got video issues, all server I had played i have 200+ fps, now i got 30~50... last there anything that i can execute in order to fix this?
  2. MaXx

    Video Settings

    i read something about -Vsync i didnt understand well , it was white gm saying ingame, probabily to adjust video/fps issues, does anyone know anything about it?
  3. MaXx

    Retrieving Help isnt there... well, cant recall exacly,..i made it too many years ago,..but i remenber too many ppl got crazy with it, maybe becouse it was proobably the first video. It shows some helbreath activities, like hunt, arena, eking, a huge elv funeral :D , but cant recall exacly. no hurry farjat, take ur time. thanks anyway.
  4. MaXx

    Video Settings

    yea i did it, worked not as expected but worked. the image is less harmfull to the eyes hahahah. maybe there will be a tool for this. no gm had manifested yet.
  5. MaXx

    Retrieving Help

    Hi farjat, I spend some time looking for some old files, and i found 2 intresting topics, When u have a time, i would like to see if there is any possibility to retrieve those files. The nemesis movie preview - or maybe along in this post from scarterp gm and olimpic sigs it is purely for nostalgia. thank you.
  6. MaXx

    Yoo Ppl How Are You Guys?

    Come back mercy, Long time no see... Join us, we are going to start again with a nice group. need some old power guys, we have a plenty of fresh players also.
  7. MaXx

    Video Settings

    ok let me try, although it could be a tool for the game.
  8. MaXx

    Video Settings

    Hello fellows, Is it possible to change the video settings? ATM i cant find other options besides full screen and sux video patterns. Is it just on BETA or will it be permanently afterwards? Thank you guys.
  9. MaXx

    Salvaging / Enchanting

    Hello dear fellows, I saw lots of very older posts, so if u dont mind i create new one to clarify, (u might delete this post if its duplicated) About Salvaging and Enchanting, is it working already? I tried it on beta and nothing happens, salvaging itens and no gems / materials appears, am i doing anything wrong? Thank you in advance.
  10. Here a greetings from and old player from nemesis 1, sadly the survivors came to ares right after i stop playing. H gm thank u for all. Farjat nice to see u again in the Hb business =) What about sexybitch? I'd love to get my old signature back from the first nemesis olimpics =D , cant find it. Lets live again this legendary game guys.
  11. Frost.. Look At Suggestion.. Answer us plz.. What you Think about!?