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  1. Sclaw23

    Client Crash?

    After i log into my account i get a windows error crash message...
  2. Sclaw23

    Sleep Looks Fantastic

    could always just implement a small ettin pit in ml? could balance out the whole "not enough good war weapons" issue and if i am wrong i heard there was an ettin pit in nemesis 1? just an idea for the war aspect. I play a mage but i also like a good fight. - Autumn
  3. Sclaw23

    Held Bugged

    just to let admins know so they can get on and start it. Thanks!
  4. Sclaw23


    well for those who know me just letting you all know im done with helbreath for the time being. It was fun while it lasted but im choosing a different route in my life right now. Thanks for all the friendships, rivals, enemies or what ever you want to call them or me. Thanks to all my good friends who have been trustworthy and loyal during my time here. Hopefully sooner or later I'll be back in time. Also thanks to the GM staff, you guys put a lot of hard work in your free time to keep this community happy. Hope you all have a good year and a fun time on Nemesis. - Eos/Autumn aka Scott
  5. Sclaw23

    Whos The Best :d?

    =/ just drop it. we have the proof that its a guild item. As for their guild they are acting like a bunch of 2 year olds. Since they know that we have proof and they dont have the LB they go around crimming on us or even have elvs help them kill us (because they cant do it themselves). In any case its a lose/lose situation for us because Ganksta is just going to complain to GM's till he gets the LB deleted =/ but anyways let them bitch and moan all they want and drop it. they are just making themselves look bad. as for the topic. Best Mage ---> Eldon, Maynard Best War ----> KochaKoi Best Bmage ----> Pyra
  6. Sclaw23

    Happy Easter

    same to you hunter!
  7. Sclaw23

    Josh Is Banned.

    sad to say i saw this coming. I used to be good friends with josh back in the day. He will even tell you he used to be a "noob" until he got to this server. But also when he got to this server he became a handful. Back when josh was just a decent player he would never talk a lot of trash to the community. I dont see why when you get good at a game it gives you the right to trash talk the crap out of others specially when he was in there same position not even a year ago. But anyways. Good riddance
  8. Sclaw23


    The server maintenance and the GM staff are great. This server is by far the best hb server out there right now. I do have 1 concern and thats about the damage on some of the rare items. I've noticed that Demon Slayer and Lightning Blade damage are a little nerfed compared to HB USA. It would be great if you could fix the damage =x
  9. Sclaw23

    Guild Roll Call

    Inevitable - Eos sorry posted the guild name twice because its not on your list =x
  10. Sclaw23

    Abby Map Improvement

    well if it stays the way that it is the town with the most people will always win (aka Elvine) I just dont think that it should be so easy for the other town to just use their Ares spies to find out when we get to abby then just take it over with all the elvs -.- The only thing that would be different is that Both towns have to Clear atleast 1 map to get to the other maps. Make Infa B for Elv and Infa A for ares or something. This would make it even more challenging and better in my opinion
  11. Sclaw23

    Abby Map Improvement

    Soooo. to make a long story short after 15 hours tons of caffine with 4 other people aresden cleared all the maps to abby and then some. Next thing you know we take a break and elvs are clearing the rest of the maps and benefitting from our work. Soooo i was thinking that maybe it should be sort of a race. In order for an elv to get to Maze they must clear infa A. In order for Ares to clear the must Clear Infa B. This would make it so both teams have to work to get to the other maps... I hate seeing people who didnt spend anytime helping clear get to benefit from all the hard work that others did. Let alone the other town taking advantage of the hard work done. Just my suggestion
  12. Sclaw23

    A Good Suggestion

    i actually use it quite a bit. But theres still are some newer people to helbreath that play nemesis. So maybe if there was some type of command post/section on the site this could help the newer players as well. I just thought it would keep the huge trash talking fights to a minimum. Atleast it would help me =x. More input from players on this would be great.
  13. Sclaw23

    Held Bugged

    held bugged. not starting and says its active on website
  14. Sclaw23

    Best Players ?

    what if the player that BOUGHT his items showed that he is still good without the bought items -.- as to hunters question. in some ways you have to be good with the items you have. Everyone has a weakness and everyone dies. Doesnt matter if your Boy or someone with mass items. You still will die. Everyone who plays just has to learn to use the resources that are given to them. If people used the time that they spent complaining about my bought items to actually attempting to kill my character they would actually down me more then they think. just my opinion of course.
  15. Sclaw23

    Server Bugged?

    sade isnt starting. Says on the website that it is active but it isnt going on in game.