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    Can No One Download?

    Am i the only one who cannot download the new client patch or full client? Tried on 2 different systems to no avail! Could have something to do with the lack of people on? An new people cannot inform you as they have to create an account on the forum just to tell you...?
  2. LastOutlaw

    Forum Event, R10 - The Myth

    Oh well, Sorted now :) Thanks Mj! :wub:
  3. LastOutlaw

    Forum Event, R10 - The Myth

    TheOutlaw What happened to my Battleaxe? :(
  4. If you're an official winnar, I grant you the change of choice within the range of given possible reward. Come on Jing! Give White the Prize lists please! That's all we are waiting on. Thanks!
  5. LastOutlaw

    Forum Event, R10 - The Myth

  6. LastOutlaw

    Forum Event, R10 - The Myth

    :ph34r: That means i won?? B)
  7. LastOutlaw

    Forum Event, R10 - The Myth Doubt it Will win, but it made me laugh and only took 2 minutes in paint xD
  8. LastOutlaw

    New Updates

    :lol: Get to working then? ^_^
  9. LastOutlaw

    New Updates

    Thank you! Much Appreciated! Information is key :wub:
  10. LastOutlaw

    New Updates

    Come on guys this is getting tedious... :( At least some information wouldn't go a miss...
  11. LastOutlaw

    New Updates

    true! happy new year, now get sober and let's work ! :P No news on this still...? :(
  12. LastOutlaw

    Hb Nemesis As We Know It

    Bring more fruits and we can make a salad! Free Fruit salad to everyone!!!- :) sorry, i just dont agree in those.. that will bring lots of players for 1 or 2 months.. then, the server will die.. actually some of what you said is already being done... you might not see the time we spend with new players, teaching them the game, but it is significant. Yesterday alone, I spent over 2 hours with 3 new players, helping them out and I know the other GMs do the same when they can. In a few months we will have +15% or more coming to the server. The issue is getting to those now 18-25 yr olds who played HB as a kid....letting them know there is still a server around, and a good one at that, to return to and try. Forget the 4 letter word beg with W and ending with E...that would be final death of Nemesis. We just had a wipe recently...not entertaining thoughts of another one. ARG server is not being closed. Period....the donations they get support the bills they generate and farjat is in it for the long haul with ARG server. Ettin Raising drop Gold wont have an impact...its too late for that i think. Zems are still being sold for gold, so thats good! How do we reach 20+ year olds, who used to play, and now play high-power graphic, games on XBOX live, etc? Can we reach them? i dont know.... How do we get new 13-18 year olds who were not around in the days of USA and INT and Nemesis early years? Where do we go to reach them? Because I am convinced when we implement a few ideas we have ready to launch, people will come back to check us out, and stay to play. and the PVP in HB can go toe to toe with other much more sophisticated games and come out even. The PVP designers of HB were brilliant. I am still amazed they put together such an awesome game so early on. Maybe HB was before its time in some respects. Anyway...Im all ears for ways to reach the masses. I have to say in my oppinion HB was most definately before it's time in every respect. Epecially when it's main contender was probably Runescape (an we all know how much that sucks) yet still has millions of players purely becaue it's browser based and requires NO download. Of course making this browser based isn't an option but getting to the point, i think everyone always underestimates the power of Word of Mouth Advertising. If i think back, How did my freinds find Runescape before they started playing...? I told them about it. How did i find Helbreath? A freind of mine told me! I then (Many years later) found Nemesis! So my advice: Tell all your mate about Nemesis, Badger them constantly to at least TRY the game... I gaurentee any games player that loves going toe to toe with another player to see who come out on top will stay and play! Also anyone who loves Gambling will also love HB's drop system since it's based on Slot machine payouts. ^-^ Morale of the story? Tell your mates, Tell your family and definately tell your enemies! Then....... kill them in PvP :D
  13. LastOutlaw

    New Updates

    As written on the front page, Holidays are over :( Roll on the update! before new year please xD :wub:
  14. LastOutlaw

    For The Older Players - How You Can Help Us!

    Just found this post, but i adopted a newbie a few months back. He now has sone O.K. items that i have managed to get him including a DM+3 for example. I answered any questions he had and helped as much as possible. He is now an active member of the guild and already has no less than 2 Max level charachters. I think it would be wise to say that helping others will only come back to help you. That "Noobie" has more than returned the help i have given them with him just passing me stones for example which benefit us both. Do good things and good things will happen to you! ^-^