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  1. shao4

    Nemesis World Cup Fifa Event

    ELVINE SQUAD 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- 11- Alternate 1- Alternate 2- Alternate 3- Alternate 4-Ayako
  2. shao4


    hi all after long time that i wasnt playing im back to play and hope to see all of you again\ i have a bit problems in the games cuz i have vista but i will see you all in game so cya guys in game
  3. shao4

    Im Back(kinda)

    hi all im soon gonna play nemesis again in cupple more weeks so who ever know me or miss me im back and i hope all that lame thin about who is the best who is lamest is end and all not like little kids well cu all in game
  4. shao4

    Cya All

    bump bumping bliz
  5. shao4

    Cya All

    bump bump bump bump bump
  6. shao4

    Cya All

    hi im going off this game cuz of school :( i hope every1 will be good for all and i maybe back when i get good grades :D so cya all and all be happy btw:Parian u are a idiot :P well cya!!!
  7. shao4

    Master Apprentice Program

    all who want to donate will be in game and whisper: mazon[PL] mazon MeGaKiLeR BuSkills ElvineMule ElvMageMul ElvMule!!!
  8. shao4

    Changes In Game - Future.

    this is i cant log out in IB for playing war+mage. so i need waste allot of mana and pots and allot of gold. why change the stuff again?it was relly good then but you can allso do 140- cant go to IB so i think this is bad idea of the GM's but i dont think you care about it. and i think my idea will be relly helping
  9. jese kakiyta russiskie players edomze velvine omne guild dlarussikeye players :D :D :D :D :D :D hbss:Russia GuildMaster B) mazon:2nd Russia GuildMaster B)
  10. shao4

    Post Ur Pics Where U Playing

    my place is lame!! ill never post it its leptop that is lame like hel!!~!~!!~!!!~#!T%YO*II#@%@O*&)(^T($E_)%($%^T)$*^_@*$!@)$@E&*%W
  11. shao4

    Very Very Tragic, Sad News

    even if i didnt know him i am with him with this :( i hope i could help in somethin and i hope he will be happy as soon as posible :(
  12. shao4

    Scammed Items

    31.10 i asked JaCKeLyN to transfer few items. she said ok i gave her the items: mr set 21(M) iron shields mr56,hp70 ma24targe and then she log out. the crit set she gave back but she didnt gave back the mr set and the shields and FunnyGirl asked her to give me back the items and she said she will not give back items and i asked her again to give back and she recolled away and she wouldnt give the items back :( :( :(
  13. shao4

    Helbreath Halloween 2008 Pak Files

    how i do it?
  14. shao4

    Afk Skill Training

    :wacko: B) B) B) B) B) GM's why there isnt allow to AFK skill training anymore. its very hard to train and see if u break bow or anythin ells. when u can be afk its more aontreboll to train skill plz answer this i waiting for answer ^_^ :wub: B) B) B) B)