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  1. Tassadar

    Trade Items

    Hi all, Trade mr91 berk W, sbh hp21, blood rapier. Looking for war M items (mr, hp, dr sets, dmg neck / ring) Thank you.
  2. Tassadar

    Nemesis Picnic Event

    Now this is COOL!
  3. Tassadar

    Defend Your Colors Event

    good event!
  4. Tassadar

    Santa[gm] Christmas Wish List

    Dear Santa[GM], It would be nice if im in your "nice" list, but then it would be even nicer if my wish of getting ma36 plate M for this X'mas comes true. IGN: RedEyes Thank You.
  5. Tassadar

    Christmas Events

    nice event, hope i can make it.
  6. Tassadar

    Doubt Section On The Forums

    I second this.